Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quick Bait : Very Good Looking Fishing Lures.

Hi there,

Some times ago, I received some very good looking fishing lures made by Quick Bait.
And when I say good looking, this is really what I mean.

Look at that:

The deep Buster.

What did I told you, isn't it nice?
This is the Quick Bait Buster, the deep version, and it is in my favourite colour from the Quick Bait range.
Look at a close-up portrait of it:

Portrait of a deadly lure.

From all the lures that Quick Bait kindly sent me, I think that this is the only one that I will not use…
Simply because I like the colour too much to take the risk to lose it.

The Buster also exist in a shallow version, and her it comes:

Shallow Buster by Quick Bait.

I can see this lure being very efficient, either in the billabongs, or on the harbour muds flat.
Can't wait to catch a fish on it.
The deep version swims at 4 m and the shallow one at 1-2 m.

Talking of fishing the harbour, there is another lure that should do well, this is the Zig Zag:

Quick Bait Zig Zag.

This one, I think will be interesting to work, when targeting Queenfish or Trevally.
It's action, is as its name point to, is made of continuous zigzag in the water. This is a sinking lure, so can be worked at speed, and should be fun with the small pelagic fish from the shore of Darwin Harbour.

Then comes the Slash, and no we are not talking guitar hero here, but fishing lure…

The shallow version of the Slash.

This is actually the only one that I really had the time to try, and not for very long.
It swims at 1-2 meter deep.
Between the bad weather, and other thing that have creeped in my life lately, I was not able to fish as much as I wanted/needed to. This will have to change.
Any way, as I said, I was once able to troll this lure behind a friend boat, once, for a very short time.
It was on a day, of difficult fishing, when no lures had taken any fish. But just a few minutes in the troll run and this one got me a little Catfish.

Catfish on the Quick Bait Slash.

So at least, I know that these lure look the goods from the fish point of view.
The Slash also came in a deep version that swim at about 2.5m deep.
The deep ones look nice too:

Quick Bait Slash deep version.

Quick Bait Slash deep version.

These two lures, I am sure, will catch me some good fish.
I have a good mate who when talking about fishing lures colour, often says: "If you are not using green, you are not trying."
Yes, I think that this green one, will prove to be a very attractive lure for the fishes…

And last but not least, came the Tinto.

The deep version of the Quick Bait Tinto.

This version is swimming at 4m. A shallower version exist, and it swims at 2m.
And now, if you are still trying to find Nemo… Look no more, because here he is:

Quick Bait Tinto.

How beautiful is that!

The Quick Bait range is not moulded plastic like so many mass produced fishing lures today. It is made by foam injection, a bit like the surf boards.
This mean that they have no rattles and should then work very well, when the fish are a bit shy and a silent lure is needed. And they are handmade too!

Thank you Quick Bait for sending me these fishing lures to test, I am sure that I will have a great time in their company.

Now, I know, I have not posted a lot on the blog lately, and I apologise for it. Sorry about that, but life has been a bit complicated. Things should finally start to be on the right pass from now on, or soon from now.
I will then be be able to regal you with more posts about beautiful fishing lures, and some stories about fishing trips.
But that might still take a few weeks…

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,