Friday, February 15, 2013

Jason's Leads

Hi there,
There are many good reasons to add a fishing lure to one’s collection.
It can be because the lure is rare, because it is a really good fishing lure, because it has a story attached to it or because it is a present from a good mate.

Well this lure is ticking the right case in about all of the above…
The lure is a Leads Lures, handmade in Queensland, Australia, by Terry Leadbeater. And yes it is made of timber. People, who love fishing lures, know both, how good these are at catching fish, and how hard it is to find them in the Territory. Despite still being produced today.

My first Leads Lures.

This lure has a story too.
Jason bought the lure around 1997, just north of Cairns.
Then went fishing land based from the rocks, when on his second cast…
Hooked and landed, his first ever meter plus Barramundi on this very lure!

The metery catcher.

Many keen anglers would keep the lure that caught them their first Barra over a meter long as a precious relic.  Some would even send it straight to the poolroom. But no, not him, who one day gave me a call saying: I am cleaning the shed, come around with a plastic bag, I have a few lures for you… And there I got my first two Leads (among many other lures); this was one of them.
For someone like me, still dreaming of catching my first metery. It made me wonder what I would do with the lure that will on day, help me to do it…

But more importantly you might have now guessed it, this was a present from a good friend, and this, makes the lure even more special to me.
Thanks mate.

I wanted to add a Leads Lures to my collection for so long.
Look at how beautiful it is:

Lure portrait.

Yes, I know, this lure never again will swim...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thank You Rona Green.

Hi there,

Today as a cultural interlude, just a quick thank you to Rona Green.

Not long ago the great Australian artist Rona Green had a raffle on her blog and her Facebook page, I did enter the raffle, and did not win.
But she was very kind and sent me some little goodies, that made me very happy.
Thank you Rona!
That really made my day, because a few year ago, I was living in Melbourne.
Every day back then, I would walk past an art gallery that had some of her work in the window, and most day I would stop for a few minutes and alway enjoyed looking at them.
I would have loved to buy one, but I was not rich, and could not afford it, so to see her work again was great. (Thanks to Red Hand Prints for that.). And I now have a few little things from her...

So what did I received?
First a set of bookmarks:

Bookmarks and business card.

Then two catalogues of her works:

The two catalogues.

An open catalogue.

And some very cool fridge magnets and badges:

Magnets and badges.

The two white ones on the left are the fridge magnet, and the four coloured ones on the right are the badges.
The magnet will go on the home fridge, and the badges will be shared between the lady of the house, the little one and me.
Yes, it means that I will keep two of them and that they will have one of them each.

This is a great way for me to start collecting some of Rona Green's work, and was a great surprise, thanks again.
If you are interested to know more about her work, have a look at her web site:

So, no fish and no Australian landscape in this post, as previously said, this was just a little cultural intermission.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,