Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Million Dollar Fish.

Hi there,

Here in the Northern Territory, we have a new fishing competition. Starting in 2015, it might become an annual event.
The competition is called: The Million Dollar Fish.
Because, there is one Barramundi worth just that, a million dollar.

Imagine you go fishing a Sunday morning, and on the Monday, you don't need to go to work again...
Yes it sounds good, but how does it work?

Well pretty simple really, a Barramundi with a tag has been released somewhere in the Northern Territory waters, and if you catch it, you won the million dollar.
And there is a rather nice number of other fish, tagged too, with lesser money prize attached to them.
In fact if you wanted to know more about this competition, just follow this link.

Last night was the official launch of the competition.
An event that I attended of course.
And to my surprise, the Northern Territory Chief Minister, Mr Adam Giles, called my name, and gave me a prize, for being the first to register for the competition.
I really didn't expect it, and it gave a good laugh to a few of my mates that were there too.
One of them, Jason Rogers even took a photo of me receiving my prize, and allowed me to post the photo on this blog, thank you Jason.
And here comes the proof in picture, I was there:

Photo © Jason Rogers.

Yes, I am the little guy under the red arrow. It was in the big room at the Northern Territory Parliament House. I never though that my name would be called in such a prestigious location, that was fun.

So what did I win?
A cool fishing shirt, with the logo of the comp, the one from the NT Tourism Office, and of the other sponsors. A stubby cooler, a Fishing lure, Classic Barra 120 +10 in the Yellow Cherabin colour and a measurement sticker.
Here it is:

Cool prizes.

The competition requires that you catch a real fish, but they also have an online game, that you can play once registered. Which I did, and won a $100.00 gift card at the BCF shop.
I spent the money on a life jacket and a crab pot for my little one. as she kept asking if one day we could go crabbing. Yes she loves eating big mud crab. So now I just have to find someone who will take us on a boat to try to catch one or a few of these crabs.

Now with all these win before the real start of the competition, I just hope that I have not used all of my Mojo, and that I will still be in the running for a tagged fish...
Even if realistically my chances are not that big, with already over 30 000 entrants registered for the competition. Not just people from the Territory, but also from inter-state and overseas...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,