Saturday, December 20, 2014

Two Reidy's Prototypes

Hi there,

I am showing you today, two soft plastic prototypes, from the reputed fishing lures company Reidy's.
Reidy's is an Australian fishing lures manufacturer, based in Darwin, Northern Territory. Their lures are very popular with Barramundi fishermen in the Top End of Australia, but are also gaining momentum on a national and international level.
All thanks to the dynamism of Colin, the director of Reidy's; and his team.

Well Colin was kind enough to visit me last evening, and gave me these two prototypes.
Yes they are prototypes, and might well go through a few modifications before being put on sale, yet they already look pretty good to me.
Do you want to see them?
Here they are:

Two Reidy's soft plastic prototypes.

On the first look, they look rather similar to the traditional rubbers from Reidy's, yet look at them a bit closer...
The first obvious thing is the size of the paddle at the end of the tail: it is enormous!
As such it should provide a deadly action, even in the slowest retrieve possible, or just on the drop.
Talking about the drop, the weight is lighter on these new lures. So they should have a slower dive speed, but still have good action on the dive, because of the previously mentioned big paddle finishing their tail.
Now the eyelet to put a stinger hook, under the chin of the lure, seems to be a bit larger than before too.

Here come two more photos:

Prototype in the Karens Pearl colour.

Prototype in a colour unknown to me.

Yes, the second one look a bit like the Yellow Belly colour, but with a see through belly...

I don't know much more about them, except that they have already been tested in Mackay, Queensland, where they proved very effective on big Barramundi.
Now, I can't wait to go and test them, and hopefully catch a nice Barra with them.
In how long will they hit the shelves of your favourite tackle shop?
No idea about that, honest.
Which is a pity, because I would love to get a full bag of them for the incoming season.
And I am afraid that they will not be fully ready and available before the run off...
Oh and please, be indulgent with the quality of the photos.
I was so excited about these lures, and wanted to do a post so urgently, that I just did the pictures with my phone instead of getting a proper camera...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,