Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two fishing lures from the FFF Barra Challenge 2010.

Hi there,

Last week I was given two brand new fishing lures for my effort in the 2010 FFF Barra Challenge.

Two of my favourite Barramundi lures.

The lures are a Classic Barra +10 (the one on the top of the image) and a Reidy's B52's in gold colour (at the bottom of the image).
My very first Barramundi on lure was actually caught on a B52's in gold colour, on the South Alligator River.

This is a friendly fishing comp organised by some of the members of the FFF forum.
In this fishing comp, the goal is to be able fish a Barramundi every months of the year.
At the end of the year, the tally is made, and the guys who did land a Barramundi every month get a prize, the biggest of the year get a prize, and the biggest of each month get a prize. There is also some prizes for mysterious size every months, and for all sorte of other things, so nearly every one if not every one get a prize in this very friendly challenge.
It is more about the fun than anything else really.
And also about all of us catching up at the Ski Club or other Darwin venues.

Now how did I go in the 2010 edition?
Well, I think that I landed only three Barramundi for the year, not twelve...
Yet I had a very good fishing year by my own standards, with a lot more time passed chasing pelagic fishes that the venerable Barramundi.
Of these three Barramundi my biggest one went 91cm, but this is not the one that won me the two fishing lures.
Simply because on the month when I got this 91 cm fish, a few of the guys and gals in the challenge got some bigger Barramundi than I.

So how big was the one that won my my prize?
It was "only" 77 cm, but that was for the month of July, one of the most difficult time of the year to catch a Barramundi, as it is nearly the middle of the dry season, and way too cold for Barramundi fishing.
Keeping in mind that this is fishing under the tropic, so when we say cold... It would still be way to hot for many European...

The 77cm winner in the middle of our winter.

This fish was the biggest of july 2010, for all the people involved in the challenge, but I am sure that other anglers have caught bigger Barramundi in the same month. And also that many people went fishing for other fishes in the middle of our winter.
Any way, here is the thread on the FFF forum, where you can read all about how I caught this fish.

So this was not a meter fish, not even a very big one really.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Fish Whisperer said...

RE, Nice Barra, and congrats on the `lures.
As for the gloves, we use them for two reasons. First is so we do not cut the ends of our fingers off when casting and second it is safer when handling fish. We use Fox mountain biking gloves;jsessionid=C63449E9605D4BCECD76B7251EBF8ACC?productId=23453&categoryId=cat20156
Even golf gloves will work. The gloves also protect from sunburns on my hands. I hope this helps.

Rambling Expat said...

Hey Fish Whisperer,

Thank for the information, I will check them out.

And yes as you said on your blog $2.30 a litre and rising start to make extended fishing trip a bit pricey...

Have a good day,