Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Carlton MID fishing lure

Hi there,

So a few days ago, I arrived at work in the morning, and asked for my keys at the security door, and the guy who gave me my keys, said: "Hey, there is a fishing lure for you with your keys".

It took me a few days to learn who gave me this lure, as all the security guys all said with a smile:
"No clues as to where it comes from..."
But any way when arriving at work in the morning, it was a very good surprise.
It really made my day.
Thanks again mate. 

So the lure in question is a Classic Barra, 120+15, and the colour is...
Carlton MID, and it is still in the box in perfect condition!

Still in the box!

And view from above.

I know that a lot of people around Darwin have already seen or even fished with this lure.
But for me who don't drink, the chance to get one still in the box was rather slim.

(Carlton MID is an Australian beer).

So yes it took me a few days to thank my benefactor for the unexpected present.

But hey, it could be worse.

Have a good day,

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