Thursday, August 11, 2011

A colour called Katherine.

Hi there,

Let me introduce you to a colour called Katherine.
This a colour combination to be more exact, found on a fishing lure, a Barra Classic +10.
You know one of these old Barra Classic +10, with the branding on the back, made of urathane and with no rattle.
Because yes, this is how I just got a third one of them...
My mate Seano called me during the day yesterday and asked me if I was at work?
I answered, that yes, this is usually where I can be found during week days...
To wich he replied, that he was close by, and had a lure as a present for me.

Full of anticipation I went down the front entrance of the building where I spend my working hours, and he arrived and gave me this really nice lure. Saying that he got this one in a bag of secondhand fishing lures, and that he was not going to use it. Knowing that I collect them he had decided to offer this precious one to me.

This one was in a colour that I had never seen in real or even in a catalogue.
Yes this is tragic I know, but I do sometimes look at the images in the fishing lures catalogues...
So not knowing what it was I decided to post a photo of it on the Lure and More forum, to see if anyone knew what it was.
And the following morning, I had a reply from Rob Gaden, the man who designed so many very good Australian fishing lures, and among all of them this one, the Classic Barra.
His reply was so great that I wanted to reproduce it on my blog!
After asking for his permission of course, as I wanted to be sure that I was not breaching any privacy issues or any thing like it.

So here comes the words from the man:

The colour was called Katherine....but not after the town in the N.T.

Funny how my last 2 post's have involve my old mate Harro....anyway he had a young lady travel with him into barra-land for a video he was putting together with John Hanke , also in the mid 90's. She had never caught a barra before , & Harro asked me to knock up some "Lady coloured " lures for her. That is what I came up with.....and beleive it or not , right on cue ...with camera's rolling , she caught a metre plus barra while casting to a gutter 200 metres below the barrage at Shady-camp.

A great first a very talented young lady , all on film. The young lady's name was/is....Katherine ( Katy ) Capewell , from Qld.


Could an answer have been better?
No don't even try to find a better one, there is no better one.
This one has every thing: An old mate, a very talented young lady, a new specially made colour for a lure, an iconic location in the world of Barramundi angling and some great fishing...
You could write a book just from that!

Any way, by now I am sure that you are starting to wonder what does it look like, no?
Well, it look like that:

The lady coloured fishing lure.

Non-rattling Clasic Barra +10 from above.

Now Katherine must be happy, I am sure that they are not many people who have a lure colour named after them.
Do you know someone who has a lure colour named after her or him?
I don't.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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