Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wallaby Rescue.

Hi there,

Yes today I am going to tell you the story of an Agile Wallaby rescue, in a blog that is usually mostly about fishing.
But bear with me, it has to do with fishing…

It started with a wrongly timed trip on the Adelaide River, near Darwin. A river known for its very large concentration of big salt water crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus.
Jim and I had gone fishing, hopping that the river would have started to drop, but drop it didn't.
In fact we should have been able to see it straight at the boat ramp. I had never seen the water so high on it, while going fishing:

Boat ramp on the Adelaide River.

We couldn't find any calm and clear water anywhere, except in a few little creek flowing in the Adelaide.
The causeway on Goat Island, was under water.
Jim estimated the water  to be flowing at around 15 km per hour. (9.3205679 miles per hour).
So we first started to slowly make our way back, still trying to flick our lures wherever we hopped to find a Barramundi.
When we saw the approaching storm, we decided that a quick run to the ramp was in order.

Storm coming on the river.

Jim went on full throttle, and the mix of rain and wind, made us feel rather cold, to say the least or to stay polite. I bowed my head, trying to protect myself with my hat while Jim was trying to see the floating logs, so no crash would happen.
When suddenly, he stopped and turned the boat around.
Raising my head I asked what was the matter? Jim pointed to a floating, moving thing in the water and said:"there is a possum or something swimming in there".
I looked, and saw the little head bobbing in the water. As soon as it realised that we had turned for him, he started to swam in earnest, in direction of the boat.
I first thought that I should take a photo of it swimming in the fast flowing waters. But remembering that we were basically where they do the jumping crocodiles show, I scooped it quickly in the net. Before it become someone's snack.
Jim pulled out a nice little joey from the fishing net:

Jim and the dripping wet Agile Wallaby.

This was a very nice little guy. Yet in Jim's arms, it soon went a bit feral, started to make funny noises, tried to scratch and bite.

Wallaby onboard.

Quick thinking was needed, I was laughing, so Jim did it, and he emptied a small cooler bag, and presented it to this little guy, who without too much persuasion dived in it head first.

Wallaby in the cooler bag.

It instantly calmed down, so much in fact that we started to worry that he might have suddenly died.
But when trying to pull him out, he showed in no uncertain ways that he was still very much alive.
So we decided to leave him in there until we would be back at the car.

What's in your bag?

And this photograph, is with no doubt the best advertising for Jack Daniel's, Territory style…

At the car Jim put him in a dry beach towel, where it fell asleep, exhausted little thing.

Cute as a button, a sleeping joey.

From there we took it to an animals refuge who in turn would hand it to the local prison. There as part of a program, the inmates will take care of it and put him back in good shape. After what it should be release in the wild.

As a bonus, here is a photo of yours truly, to show you that I was really there:

Holding a wallaby joey.

Thank you Jim for inviting me on this trip.
This is how an otherwise uneventful fishing trip, turned into one that is definitely a memorable one.
Even if once again, I came back home fish less…

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Esteban Lorenzo said...

Greetings from Galicia, on the other side of the world, impressive day rescue, what an experience, is proud to see people like you on the net.

Fish Whisperer said...

What a great trip and one you will remember for ever. It reminds me of the time my wife saw a bat trying to swim in the sea. We scooped it with the net and dried him off. Then hung him in a tree where he proceeded to clean himself up and have a nap.
Well done you two.

Rambling Expat said...

Holla Esteaban,

Thank you for the kind comment, I have some very fond memories of travelling through Galicia as a child.
Very beautiful place, with great food!

Hey Fish Whisperer,

Thank for dropping back, I miss all the post with great pictures on your blog, did you made one about the bat, that would be worth a read.

Have a good day,