Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On The First Day Of School Holidays.

Hi there,

Yes last Monday was the first day of our winter school holiday.
I had asked my little one what she wanted to do on this glorious day…
And she said fishing!
The gods of parenting must have been smiling upon me.

We dropped Mum at work, and fishing we went.
To a very secret spot, that my good mate Mr Mud had told us about, a few year ago.
How secret is that spot?
Well if you live in Darwin, you will recognise the place very easily from the photographs.

On our arrival we noticed that not one but two people, were sitting exactly on the spot that we intended to fish!
So we decided to fish a few metres from them, as after all, the sea is full of fish, no reason to fret.
We asked them if they caught anything, they said no, nothing took interest in their bait.
Were we to be there on an unlucky day?
This as never happened to my little one yet, and I was really hopping that we would not have to go home with a donut.
But fear no more, plenty of fish she caught.

In fact the first one was just a few minutes after we arrived. The two other guy started to exclaim that it took just a few minutes for a seven year old girl to out fish them…
Oh the pride in me, oh the joy in her…

Here comes the first fish of the day:

First fish of the day.

From what I was told, this fish is a Cardinal fish. It was so cute and pretty, that we did put it back in the water.
Then a car with an elderly couple pulled over, and they started to fish too.
The place was getting crowded , and we needed to catch another fish, the pressure was on.
Well not for my little one, as in no time she caught another fish.
And this time it was a Bream! This one we kept in the esky, hoping  for another one to have a good dinner…
But in all the action, I did forgot to take a photo of the first Bream.
Yes you read it right, the first one of the Breams, other were to follow.

As the two fellow who were there first, hadn't caught any fish yet and started to look at my little one fishing ability in amazement, she was on it again!
Screaming, shouting and jumping up and down, saying that this was a Big Big fish!
And a nice big bream it was:

Second Bream of the day.

This was in fact the nicest Pikey Bream I ever saw being caught from this spot.
Now I knew what we would have for dinner, I was happy. My little one was even happier than I.
But she said, that she now had one for her, one for me, and needed one for Mum.
I did try to temper her optimism, but she wouldn't get any of it, she was to catch one for Mum…

We fished some more… But now fish came to be caught.
Grand Ma came to see us, and brought some little snack.
The elderly couple left, without any fish…
I said that maybe we should go now…
But no, the little one wanted a fish for Mum…
The two guys who were there when we arrived, decided to left, and just as they passed us, the little one caught another bream!

Third Bream of the day.

That was it!
We had a fish for Mum, a fish for Dad, and one for the fishergirl!
We folded the chairs, put the esky back in the car, a last biscuit for the road and we headed back home.
This had been a great day, for the first day of the winter school holidays.

And yes, it might be time to change the line on the little one's reel, as it was broken twice by bigger fish, during the morning. 

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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