Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Wanted A Barra.

Hi there,

Yes, this morning I went fishing because I wanted a Barra...

  • I got a Barra.
  • But it wasn't a Barramundi, it was a Barracuda.
The FFF forum has at the moment a competition called The Seadogs, in which you get some point if you catch a Barramundi every month for about a year.
So this morning, I went to one of my favourite land based fishing spot. But truth to be told, I usually go there for pelagic fish rather than for Barramundi.
Yet hope is what makes the world go round, so I had hope.

I arrived early at East Point, and quickly realised that I had missed this spot a lot lately.
It is really a beautiful spot, just in the city, basically.

Sunrise at East Point.

The water was beautiful and calm, and I started to feel that it could be a good morning...

The East Point rocks.

One can easily understand why I like this spot so much, some rocks in the water is usually a good sign to catch some fish.
On arrival, I saw a gentleman who was practicing the noble art of angling, and asked him if he had any luck.
He replied that he had just arrived and as such didn't had the time to catch anything yet.
Ok, I told myself, fair enough.
On the water I spotted my friend Aaron, who was trolling a lure from his kayak.
(He did well, and got three Trevally)
I walked a bit away from the said gentleman, as I don't like it too much when I am quietly fishing in a peaceful spot and someone comes out of nowhere, to fish over my shoulder.
I put on a walk the dog type of lure, did a first soft kind of cast to make sure that every thing was working right. And it did work alright.
So a more serious cast, as far as I could, along the rocks ledge.
And there, in the morning light, I look at my lure, walking like a dog, on the water surface. Thinking that this was a well made lure, easy to use, and rather efficient at catching fish.
When Boum! A flash of silver, and no more lure on the surface, but a tense line and an excited angler.
The fish went straight for the bottom, and didn't fight like a Barramundi. Neither like a Queenfish or a Trevally, which are my most common catch at East Point.
I started to wonder what it could be?
And this is only when it was brought back close enough for me to see what kind of toothy critter had taken interest in my lure.
It was a small Barracuda:

Little Barracuda on the DUO Realis Pencil 110.

Which one is his better side?

It kept jumping around, and because of the set of teeth that he was armed with, I had to use my lip grip and a plier to get my lure back, as quick as I could, before putting it back in the water.

First fish on the second cast of the day!
Oh yes, I was now sure that it would be a great morning.
Well it was, but this first fish was also the last one of the day...

Then why was it a great morning you might ask?
Well, because my mate Aaron let me try his kayak, and I really liked it, even if I could not forget that Crocodylus porosus swim in these waters. Which is why, I did not venture too far from shore, and not for very long.
I did met with a new member of the FFF, whom I had never met before.
And also, because I saw Dave, whom I had not seen for a long time.
And Dave made a photo of me fishing, and it shows where I was then hoping to get my Sunday Barramundi. 

Yours truly, in action; (Photo © Dave K.)

A spot of shallow rocky water, along a mangrove.
Well, it looked like the right spot, but the right spot it was not.

From a day that had started so well, with a fish on my second cast, I could not catch another fish. Not because of error on my part. I didn't get a single other hit.
Nothing, nada, zero...
I was hopeful to get a Barramundi, and all I got was a small Barracuda.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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