Monday, March 9, 2015

The Two Days Boat Hire Prize

Hi there,

Yes I won a very cool prize...
  • I won a 2 days boat hire prize.
  • In the FFF Seadogs fishing competition.
  • It mad me very happy.
The the FFF forum as an annual fishing competition, called the FFF Seadogs, and it is a great competition every year.
I didn't do very good in it last year, but not long ago, I learnt that I had in fact won a door prize, and what a prize!
A two days boat hire from Hooked-up Boat Hire in Darwin.
And here is the voucher to prove it:

Hooked-up Boat Hire gift voucher.

Hooked-up Boat Hire is a family business, started in 2006 and is doing great today. With now six boats to choose from when deciding to go for a fish.
Often while fishing, I have seen their boat pass in front of me, and they always look clean and in great condition.
So I really can't wait to go and use this voucher, and then write all about it!
For once, I will be able to invite someone to go fishing, instead of being the one who always hope to be invited.

I am really impatient about it, I think that it would be a great two days of non stop fishing.
Sadly I still have to wait a little while for the weather to be a bit better.
And If we can get lucky get a few fish that would get me a bit higher on the overall scoreboard of this competition. I have done not too bad in the second round (Which is not finished yet, so I can still get relegated at the bottom of the leader). But the first round was terrible for me, with a big fat donut. I had not been able to find any time to fish the first round, and ended with a big zero for it...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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