Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Channel 9 Prize.

Hi there,

Luck was on my side, and I have just won the Channel 9 Catch Of The Day prize.
What is it, you may ask.
Well it is a very simple kind of thing. You send a photograph of a recent fishing catch, in the landscape, or horizontal format to Channel Nine in darwin. With a few words to say what kind of fish it is and how or where you caught it. And if your photo is selected, it goes on television at the end of the news segment in the evening, during the weather forecast.
This is great way for Channel nine to interact with the Northern Territory community.
And in exchange, when your image is selected, you win a prize.
The email address to send your photo is:
Just put Catch of the day in the subject line, and Voilas!
If you live in the Northern Territory of Australia, you should do it, it is fun and if you have kids, this is an easy way to make them proud.

What is the prize?
  • A Channel 9 backpack.
  • A Channel 9 fishing hat.
  • A Channel 9 fishing shirt.
  • A Channel 9 branded Reidy's fishing lure.
  • A first aid kit from St. John Ambulance Australia.
Now, what photograph did I send to win all these cool stuff?
This one:

Queenfish from East Point.

You might remember this photograph and the short video that went with it, from my post called First Try At Kayak Fishing.
This first experience in a kayak had been great, and suddenly had become even better.

And here comes the prize:

The Catch Of The Day Prize, courtesy of Channel 9.

Of course, my favourite in all this is the Reidy's fishing lure:

Channel 9 branded Reidy's fishing lure.

The lure in question is a Judge by Reidy's lure.
I love both Reidy's and this particular lure in their range of offering.
And yes, I am still collecting fishing lures with advertising on them, So I am very happy to have this one. As I didn't had a Reidy's with Channel nine advertising on it before, in my little collection.
This also means that this lure is going directly to the "collectors cabinet", and will never swim.
I can already ear all the people that say that lures are made to catch fish and not to stay dry in a display...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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