Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My First Two Deep River Lures.

Hi there,

I just received two very beautiful Deep River Lures.

  • They are Handmade from timber.
  • The two are very different from each other.
  • I won them on the FFF.
  • I intend to use them to fish.
Look at what I received:

Two Deep River Lures.

So, how and why?
Well, it is pretty simple in fact.
If you post on the great fishing forum FFF, and at the end of your post use the #DeepRiver, your post could be chosen as the lucky one for the month. And you would be sent one or two lures, directly from the man who makes them himself, Mr Barney.
And boy oh boy, they are nice.
So now that you had a preview of the lures, and know how I got them, lets look at them a bit closer.

First is the Slim.
A very beautiful fishing lure, that I will use mainly in the pursuit of Barramundi.

The Deep River Lures Slim 100.

To me, this lure has Barramundi written all over it.
From the shape, the colour, the fins and the shallow bib, just like I love them.
Here is a portrait of it:

Portrait of the Deep River Lures Slim 100.

This one is the shallow version. Which to me is great, as I mainly fish shallow waters.

And now comes the Mugil:

The Deep River Lures Mugil 70.

Now if this is not a really good looking little lure, I don't know what this is...
It is well finished, with an interesting shape. I think that it would be a great lure to target the Mangrove Jack. I can't wait to see it's action in the water.
And talking about the finish, look at the bib:

Pinned bib for extra strength.

This is one of the reason I personally would feel confident to target Mangrove Jack with this lure. The bib seems solid and well attached to the lure body.

Deep River Lures are handmade in Queensland, Australia, by Barney.
There is a great selection of body shapes and colours have a look at their range. (The link is at the top of this very post, in blue)
Thank you to Barney and the FFF for organising this friendly competition, and sending me these two beautiful lures.

Here comes one last photo, for the road:

Little lure for big fish.

Now it is true that when I receive such beautiful lures I usually keep them for the collection.
But this time I will actually fish with them.
Even it they will certainly end up with a few scratch from the carnivorous fish that swim around in Darwin's waters...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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