Monday, September 5, 2016

The Colour Pecheur.

Hi there,

Today I will present to you three beautiful fishing lures, in the colour Pecheur.
But what is the colour Pecheur?
You might ask...

Well, a few years ago, my good friend Dean gave me a handmade timber lure, that he had done especially for me, and painted in the flag colours of the country I was born in.
And Pecheur had been my alias, or nom de plume in online fishing and lures forum for a long time.

So what does it look like?
Here is a look at the first one:

The colour Pecheur.

This one was given to me by James P. The lure is a Bomber 15 Long A, in a colour that you will not find in shops.
This lure has a special marking on the head:

Fishing lure with team marking.

Now why on earth is the #TeamSlootz, and why would James give me a lure in this special colour with the team marking on it?
Well from what I understand, #TeamSlootz is a very tight group of rather good fisherfolks from around Darwin. (And no, I do not claim to be part of this tight community, I am just lucky enough to have one lure with the team marking). This secretive group, compete between themselves for a year, and the person who will have caught the biggest fish of the year, will have for a full evening, his drinks paid by the other members of the team at the end of the said year.

What did I do to deserve this lure? (And another one, just wait until you see it).

That was pretty easy really, in the second round of the 2016 Top End Barra Series, I hooked my lure, on a lure that was snagged on some underwater tree branches. I got both of them back, and one of them was a rather big and expensive one, no not mine, but the one I had just brought back with it. And it had the #TeamSlootz marking on the head. 
Once I learned that a guy that I know was a member of the team, I offered to give the lure back.
I exchange I was offered two lures in the colour Pecheur. That was very kind of James, I was not expecting anything really, and that was a great surprise. Thank you James.

The other one that James gave me?
Here it is:

Reidy's in the colour Pecheur.

This one is a Reidy's Big Ass, one of my favourite fishing lure when it comes to Barramundi fishing.
But this one, off course, will go straight to the collection, and will stay dry.

And now the one that Dean gave me, the one that started the colour Pecheur:

The Tastic Lures in colour Pecheur.

Yes, this is the one that started the colour Pecheur, at least for me.
It is a very beautiful handcrafted timber lure, made in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
A lure made with the Barramundi and nothing else in mind.

Handmade in Darwin.

As the card says, this one was the number 1 in this colour. And is now to me a very precious lure in my small collection.

And to finish in beauty, the final bouquet:

Three version of the colour Pecheur.

I feel very privileged to have mates who painted these lures just for me, thank you guys.

James told me that he would like to see one of them in a Barramundi mouth...
I am not really sure that this will happen.
Sometimes I think that I could use the Bomber one to fish and retire it as soon as it would have caught a fish.
(There is absolutely no way that the other two will get near the water, ever).

But then I think that it will be scratched, damaged and all...
I don't want that to happen!

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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