Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Reidy's Anaconda.

Hi there,

I had seen online that the fishing and sports goods shop called Anaconda, in Darwin was going to stock some Reidy's lures in a colour made especially for them, with the Anaconda marking on them.
I wanted one to go in my little collection of advertising fishing lures.
Two of my mates work in that shop, so I asked both of them to let me know when they would be on the shelf.
When the message that they finally had them in the shop arrived, I went there in the same week.

And once there, I got a very good and nice surprise.
One of my mates was there and he laughed as soon as he saw me walk in. Saying that he knew that I was going to come and look for these lures.
He then introduced me to Gavin, the store manager.
And Gavin, made me a very nice present.

But first thing first, what does the colour look like?
Here have a look:

The Anaconda Colour.

On this first image is the Reidy's B52 in the Anaconda Colour.
The B52, is by itself an iconic Barramundi fishing lure, I myself caught my first ever Barra on a lure with the help of a B52. It was on a Gold with Black back (H-GB is the colour's name) and I still have it, as a memento of my fishing in the Northern Territory. Yes, it is part of my nerdy side, one can't help it.

Now back to the lure on the above photograph, it is the only one of the lot that I got on the day, that I paid for. Yes you read that right, the others came free.
And I got a nice little lot, with a very special one thrown in.
Here are the lures I got:

Three sizes of B52.

Here are three sizes from the B52 line's.
The B52, the Big Ass B52, and the Big Ass 200.
Yes, the Big B52 is missing from the line up, but wait and you will see...

Here you can see the Anaconda Marking on the lures:

Branding on the back.

Yes, with the branding on their back, these lures will never swim. Instead they will rejoin my other advertising lures. The family is getting bigger.

And now, here comes the piece de resistance...
The lure that was used as a colour prototype...

The Anaconda Colour prototype.

This one is without hooks or split rings, because it was just made as a prototype for the colour, and brought from the Reidy's factory to the shop. For The shop people to see if they would be happy with it. 
They must have been happy, as the ones on the shelf are very close colour wise to this one. The prototype is just a bit clearer, not as dark as the final product, but still very close to it.
So there you are, this one will go in the box of the rare ones...

And here view from above:

View from the top.

Thank you Gavin and the guys at Anaconda, this in my books, is a very nice present.

So yes it is a very nice set of lures and none of them will ever swim.
I know that some people would find it sad and say that fishing lures are made to be used and fished...

But hey, It could be worse.
Have a good day,

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