Monday, September 13, 2010

The new spot

Hi there,

So it all started with a thread on the FFF forum, where a forum member asked for some land based Barramundi spot information...
So did I get a Barra I hear you ask...

No, no do not look at the pics yet, that would be cheating...

Well in fact the reply that caught my attention in this previously mentioned thread was one that said something along the lines of: Under the deck chair cinema is good for Queenies and Trevally...
Yes you guessed it, from a full post about Barra, I extracted and memorised the only info about Trevally and Queenfish... 

So I went there early this morning, arrived there at first light, and for once had taken a second rod, and some bait with me. (Frozen Mullet), as I usually fish only with lures.
So I put the line with the frozen mullet in the water, just a simple rig, running sinker, steel trace big hook, small mullet and cast away.
And I started to do my thing with the other rod and my chrome slices on the side of it.

Then three young blokes came along, and put their line in the water on both side of me... 
I must have been in the good spot I then told myself...

We have a little chat and nothing happens.
Them fishing with prawns and me with my frozen mullet and my chrom slice, trying to cast straight in front of me, so I don't get over their line.
Then I look at my rod with the frozen bait, and it is totally bent toward the water.
Quick quick I beat all my retrieve speed record on the chrome slice and grab the other rod.

No real need to hook the fish has already done the job for me, or so I think...
A short but pleasant tussle ensue, and i start to see my line going for one of the other lads line.
I say carful your line might end up in the way, and the guy just looked at it, don't even move toward his rod...
And yes my fish got under his line, so I grab his line and passe it over my rod.
(I think that they were young blokes without much experience, or without much sleep, not sure which one?)
Then I finally got to see the fish and it is a small Golden Trevally.
I got it in the water at my feet, half on a rock and half in the water, when I grab my lips grip and come close to it, when...
The hook just poped out of the mouth of this fish looking at me...
Like if he had just waited to make eye contact before spiting it in my face... 
So in just one move I dived the lips grip toward him and grabbed his lips...
One of my luckiest catch so far!
Kind of made me happy, you see. 

And one of the lads took the photo for me.

Then the three guys asked me on what did I catch it, I told them a frozen mullet, and they then asked if I had a spare one.
Because they were young and seemed ok, I said yes.
That I had a few and that they were welcome to use some of them.
So they tried, but didn't catch any thing with it.
One of them caught a Parrot fish on some very tinny little live bait.
Then they left.

And then the tide was falling and I started to think that this fish in my bag was enough for today diner, so I left, and that was it for today.
Well nearly...

While I was fishing there I noticed a shinny little thing in one of the mangrove trees in the water.
But too much water to go and have a look at it.
So I went back later when the tide was real low.
And I find the shinny thing, it was a beautiful rapala lure in excellent condition.

I looked online for the price of this lure: $24.95!
A lot more than what I usually spend on my lures, I would not have bought one at this price.

So thanks again for the tip about going fishing under the deck chair cinema. I like these Barra spot threads...

I got no Queenfish, but a nice enough Trevally, and a new lure...
Better than a day with no fish where I lose three lures... 

So yes just one fish for the morning, in this new spot.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

The new not so secret spot.

My little Golden Trevally, dinner!

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