Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why why why?...

Hi there,

Why do I like fishing so much?

The NightCliff jetty at sun rise.

Well, this is one of the very few places and instances where I can really empty my head of every things else, the water edge, and focus entirely on the task at hand.
A bit like in my work, but without the stress, pressure or politics of work.
And I am part of the lucky ones who really enjoy their job...

Fishing to me is like being a kid the night before Christmas again.
All the anticipation of maybe getting the big one.
And not getting it most of the times, which makes you want to come back to get it the following time.

Also, even if some of the fishing gears might seems a bit dear in the first place, it is still cheaper than going clubbing all night long in a club full of cigarette smoke.
And sometime you come back home with a feed.
Sometime, is the keyword here...

But yes it is more healthy than some other hobbies, cheaper than some and it is outdoors.
That is also one of the things I like about it.
All the wildlife that I get to see. The fishes of course, but in my part of the world, also dugongs, birds, turtles, dolphins, dingoes, crocodiles, Manta rays, and so many others.
For a guy like me who comes from the city, it is like the discovery channel, except that I am in it.

Basically, most of the times I come back refresh, happy, with some new memories.

But often sunburn and not with a fish every times...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Lime Wedge Media said...

Very nice and articulate. If I wanted to sum up the reasons why do I go fishing, I would probably come up with something close to this post. Good stuff!


Rambling Expat said...

Thank you Paul.

So I take it that you are a keen fisherman yourself?

Have a nice day,