Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Barbie truck...

Hi there,

So my little one really believe that the garbage truck is a Barbie truck...
Honest, I have absolutely not a clues as to where that comes from... ??? ...

But any time that the garbage truck comes down the road in the morning, to pick up our wastes, or when we see one in a street during the day. She becomes very exited and start screaming: "The Barbie truck! The Barbie truck! Look daddy the Barbie truck!"

And she then wave frantically to the guys in the truck.
Firemen, sometimes policemen are more used to this treatment, but garbage truck operators, or Garbo as they are called down here, are usually a bit surprise to see a little one waving to them with a big smile.
And often seem very happy and wave back. Some of them must think that my little one must have some family in the industry, or that here is a little girl who really appreciate their hard work.

And I am happy with that, if she gives them some happiness in their routine of taking everybody else trash, it is not a bad thing in itself.

The only thing that worry's me a tad, is that one day she might do it at school in front of her little friends or in front of someone who might then tell her off and say to her that this is not Barbie's truck, but the stinky rubbish truck.
And that would be a shattering news for her I am sure...

So what should I do as her daddy?
Tell her the truth, or let her live in a perfect world where Barbie often come down the road in her big blue truck? (I mean, not even pink? :wink: ). 
I tell you what, it is not alway easy this parenting thing...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Aron said...

Haha. There are probably some babies in that rubbish truck, so it's not all lies lol. This is where I would put those anti-feminist Barbies! :P

Rambling Expat said...

Some babies in the rubbish truck???

Aron you are mean!

Ok, I'll take it that you wanted to say Barbies...