Monday, December 20, 2010

And one more fishing lure for the collection!

Hi there,

Yes one new fishing lure has entered my little collection today.
How come you may ask...
Here is the story about it.

It began with a thread that I had started on the FFF forum about two of my Reidy's lures.
Many keen anglers participated to the thread, and some of them posted a number of photographs of some very nice lures on the thread.
This was an interesting discussion for people who like fishing lures...

Then  Geoff Corry of BarraBase said that he had a lure with the marking of Coke on it, and that I could have it if I wanted it...
Ho yes I wanted it!

So we started to swap a few PMs on the FFF web site to see how this lure could end up in my hands. During this exchange came up the fact that I still doesn't have a car, as I am still waiting for the insurance to pay since my car accident.
So Geoff simply proposed to deliver the lure at my work place. This conversation took part on a Friday, and on the following Monday morning he was in my office lure in hand.
This is what I would call a man of his words.

He also offered to help me with my car problems which I declined, but nonetheless this was a very generous offer on his part.

Ok so here are some pics of the Coke lure:
Brand new still in the box!

Yes it's a Taipan from Reidy's.

Some information about it.

Out of the box for a second.

Just so we can see it better.

And yes I did put it back in the box just after the photos were made.
I already had in my office at work a lure that look like a hamburger, this new one will sit next to it: they are the perfect match!
And yes it made me happy.

Ok, so I want it to be clear, that I do not own any share in Geoff's business, and that I don't get any rewards for mentioning him on my blog.
But you have to admit that for a guy who is one of the most famous and talented Barramundi fishing guide in Darwin, with over 25 years of experience in the Northern Territory of Australia, and who had never meet me before, to make the effort to drive to my work place, to give me a brand new fishing lure for my modest collection without asking for anything in return, is a pretty good and generous attitude.

I have never used the service of a fishing guide (Maybe if I had, I would have learnt how to catch some fishes and would not be fishless on such a frequency)
But if I was to use one of them in the Top End of Australia, it would be the guys from BarraBase.

This lure made my day.
So I have not been able to fish yet since the accident, and it sometimes makes me a bit frustrated.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Allen Sentance Fisherman said...

I love your blog & like most die hard fisherman, good lures are very attractive & oh so interesting.
At times I wonder are they made to catch Fish or Fisher People !!

Hey....Life is Good.. when your fishing with good friends!!

Allen Sentance Fisherman

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the nice comment.
Your blog about bush photography is not bad either.

As for shiny lures catching more fishermen/fisherwomen than fishes...
I would tend to agree with that.
Yet I still buy some...

Maybe one of these days we'll meet each other on the water edge around Darwin, flicking lures.

Have a good day,