Monday, December 6, 2010

Two new fishing lures for the collection.

Hi there,

Ok, the secret is out, I do collect fishing lures.
Mine is a very small collection of fishing lures, I am more like an absolute beginner than like an expert.
Firstly, I do not go and buy expensive lures at fishing lure auction or specialised dealers.
I get most of my interesting lures from the second hand shop, or even some time find them while fishing.
I have some marked with some beer brands, insurance company, hostel, or what ever.

In fact I do not buy brand new lures for the collection. I only collect lures that have been used, or if new given to me as addition to the collection. But I do buy some new lures (and sometimes funny ones), for my fishing.

And yes it is still fair to say that I am first a fisherman,before being a lure collector.
I still prefer to look at my lures swimming in the water than look at them on a shelf.

So back to the topic, not long ago, I was in a charity shop and found these two lures.
To me they looked like Reidy's lures (An Australian brand of lure from Darwin in the NT) one of my favourite brands of hard bodies lures, as they are the local boys.
But I could not find them in their catalogue...
So I made some quick snap of them and emailed the images to the guys at the lure factory in Darwin, asking if they knew what lures they were.
And the boss of Reidy's answered me back the next business day with all the good oil.

So here they are, first the Aqua Rat:

This lure is discontinued, and was replaced by The Judge, which is still produced today.

And an old Taipan:

The Taipan is still produced, but the bib of the lure is now different, and the eyes have changed too.

I do not know when the Aqua Rat was discontinued or when the bib and eyes of the Taipan changed. If you know or have fished with these lures, you are more than welcome to leave a comment about it.

So this is my new little addition to my fishing lures collection.
I do understand that this is not some sort of incredible archeological treasure...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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