Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some more fishing Australiana.

Hi there,

Not long ago, I received some more fishing Australiana. In the form of a parcel sent to me by no one else than the great Australian lure designer Mr. Rob Gaden.
Thanks again Rob, this is a very kind gesture from your part.

And what was in this parcel?
Well a very cool framed photograph representing a guy holding a massive catch of two Barramundi over the magic meter marks, both of them...

Here is the photograph:

What a catch!

And as you can see the happy fisherman had written a personal note to Rob Gaden on the print.
It reads on the left of the photograph:

" Angler  Clint Jebbink
Location East Alligator Arnhemland N.T.
Date 28.5.98
Weight 14.5 Kgs 109cms
           13.9Kgs 107cms
Lure Classice Barra
by Rob Gaden
Colour Bleeding Mullet"

How good is that? 
Two metery on the same lure! I know a lot of anglers who as soon as they get a metery on one lure, would retire the lure to the trophy room and not risk it in the water anymore...

The top right corner of the photograph reads:

"Great lures Rob
Best Wishes from...
Peter & the boys 
at Guns 'n' Tackle
Darwin N.T. "

So when the people from a tackle shop are saying directly to the designer of a lure that his lures are great, you know that this is the real deal.

Yes, you may have noticed that the lure in question is not only visible on the photograph, it is also glued to the print. 
So, here is a close up of it:

A lure loved by the big Barramundi.

The lure is a Classic Barra without the rattle, one of my favourite to collect...

This present came to me with just one condition: That if ever Rob Gaden or a member of his family ask for it to be returned I would sent it back. I ardently agreed to this, and would sent it back at the first request.
But for now, it is on a wall in my office.
And every working day, I can look at it and admire the effort made by this happy chap, two very large Barramundi, that a lots of us are still just dreaming of.

Every time that I set my eyes upon this great piece of fishing Australiana, it is also a reminder that I am yet to catch a Barramundi over the mythical meter mark, yes...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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Anonymous said...

Well all I can say it was a great catch :D!! Well done Clint ;) cheers Bonny :)