Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Four lures for the catch of the day.

Hi there,

I got four new fishing lures as a prize from the local newspaper, the NT News, Catch of the Day competition.
How come you may ask?
Well it is pretty simple, every week anyone can send in a photo, either a print or by Email, then they pick up the one that they believe is the best of the week.
So I send a photo of the first fish that I got with my new rod, an 81cm Barra.
(you can read all about it on this blog just there).

And here is a photo of the newspaper page:

You might recognise the photo.

And what kind of fishing lures do you think it is?
Yes some lures that will be perfect for Barramundi fishing.
I received: one Killalure 2Deadly, one Killalure Flatz Rat 2, One Classic Manta Ray and a Classic Dr Evil.

Do you want to see them?
Lucky you here they are:

Killalure 2Deadly.

The 2Deadly in the Tiger Lily colour produce some wicked light reflection, and I can't wait to test this lure. It is a mix between a popper and a shallow diver, to 6 foot maximum (1.8288 metres). You can pop it or if you have a slow wind, it will dive. That will be interesting to see how it performs.

Killalure Flatz Rat 2.

This one is a small lure, but dive to 15 feet (4.572 metres), and has a very good reputation as a Queenfish lure. This colour is called Bobby Dazzler Silver Purple.

Classic Manta Ray.

The Classic F18 Manta Ray, here in the Mullet Gold Dazzler colour, is he deepest diver from the Classic F18 range, and dive to 18 feet (5.4864 metres). Gold red and black is a colour which has already been successful for me, so I am very happy with that.

Classic Dr Evil.

I already had one of these, albeit in another colour, and I really like it, so it is good now to have two of them. I will be less stressed to loose it as soon as I will be using it. The one presented here is in the Purple Mullet Dazzler, and it dive to +20 ft (6.096 metres).
The Classic F18 Manta Ray and the Dr Evil have both been designed by the Australian lure designer Rob Gaden.

So I was very happy to get all of these, as they are all lures that I will really enjoy fishing with.
The only problem is that it is not even midweek yet, and that I will have to wait for the weekend before I can start to test some of them. In fact some of them are swimming so deep, that I might not be able to use them straight from the shore, and I might have to wait to be invited on a boat again to really test them.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Ashley Rae said...

Congratulations!! I also wanted to let you know that you won a Hobie hat in my caption contest :)

Please send me your mailing address to:

Thanks for entering!

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Ashley,

Thank you!
You made my day!
And yes this must be my lucky week!

And you people out there, if you don't know Ashley blog you should go and check it out.
It is great and in a certain way, remind me of the fishing that I was doing when I was a kid.
Lots of trout, pike and this kind of fresh water sport fishes.
Cool stuff.

Have a good day,