Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Stuckeys Lures

Hi there,

Not long ago I received my first two Stuckeys lures.
These are Australian hand made timber fishing lures.
From what I was told the man who produce them, made only 15 of them per week, so it is fair to say that they are a rare commodity.
They come from the state of N.S.W, (Australia).
I was naturally very surprised and tempted when Angry from the FFF forum contacted me to ask me if I wanted to swap some of my little Rapala lures for some Stukeys.
I told him that I didn't want to swap them all, as they were a present from a good friend of mine, but one or two would be ok, and also reminded him that these Rapala were only 3 cm long.
He very generously replied that he didn't want them any more, because he thought that the Rapala were the 5 cm models. But that he was still going to send me some Stuckeys lures, as I have what he calls the Luresicosis, which is a form of Fishing Lure Collecting illness...

I got afraid that my new found illness was bad, but was glad to see that even some people that I had never met, would be trying to help me with my problem.

So I sent him a 5 cm Rapala that I had since 1985 and very rarely used, so it was in tip top condition. An a little spinner.

After that I waited with impatience...
But not for long at all.

Rossco, another member of the FFF forum was fishing with Angry and brought me back the lures, which were then hand delivered to me.
And Rossco being aware of my liking for fishing lures with advertising on them even gave me a cool little lure as a surprise present.

So what does the stuckeys look like?
Just like that:

With single hooks.

I like the single hooks set-up, I alway found that a better look than the treble ones.
I even sometimes change the treble of some of my chrome slices for a single hook.

With Treble hooks.

And a darker one, so it is nice to have two very different looking lures in the same range from the same maker.
They are about 5 cm long, and I presume from the size of the bib, deep diver.
But I think that I am just going to keep them at the office...

And what kind of advertising lure did Rossco gave me?
Have a look:

The Valvoline rattler.

And this was a great surprise too, as I had heard of this lure but never seen it before.

So this was a very good trade, and I am very happy with these lures.
Even if I know now, that I have Luresicosis...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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