Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6 New Lures For The Collection.

Hi there,

Yes I got the very nice surprise to receive six new lures for my small collection, as a present from Angry.
Like me, Angry is a member of both the FFF forum and the Lures And More forum.
But he lives down south and me up north, so we target different kinds of fishes with different kinds of lures.
The lures that he sent me, are all Australian lures, but are impossible to find in Darwin.

Look at the little treasures I saw when I opened the surprise parcel:

Even better than a box of chocolate.

From this nice little lot, only one was from a brand that I already had, the one on the left, it is a Stuckeys. But if you look at this post on this very blog, you will be able to see that it is different, not only in size or colour, but also in the shape of the bib.

A very nice trout colour.

This lure is very beautiful, with a perfect and deep finish. There is something special in holding in your hand a wooden lure, that has been hand made. To me they are like little art works.

The lure next to it, is a Deception, and I am very happy about it, as I had looked at them on the internet for a while but was yet to own one.

My first Deception.

And when you think about it, what a better name for a fishing lure, than Deception...
And this one seems to be before Tacspo took over the company, so it would be an original Deception. How cool is that.

All the other lure I had never see before, some rudimentary research made me think that they are Custom Crafted Lures, a maker from NSW, same geographic origin than the two previous lures in this post.
The first one is called the Baby Scud, and has an unusual bib:

The Baby Scud.

Next to it was the Baby Extractor, in green too:

The Baby Extractor.

Then comes the only plastic lure of the lot. It might not be made of timber like all the other, but still have a very nice finish and shape.

The Fish stick.

Yes in green too, this must be a very good colour down south, as it is up north. To give you an idea of how popular green lures are, I have already been fishing with some friends, whose lure tray only contains green lure.

And the last one, I have been told from very good authority that this is a lure from a maker called Australian Crafted:

The Minnow 80.

A very nice colour too, I have myself been lucky on this type of colour, here in tropical north Australia. But are these ones ever going to swim? Not a chance! They are already at the office and wont get out of there before a very long time. 

So does it look like the Christmas spirit is in the air?
Yes to me it does, thanks Angry.

Honestly, I am not absolutely sure about the names or makers of most of these lures, and I could even be totally wrong.
This would not be the first time too...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Frank Simón said...


What a great surprise. No one ever sends goodies like those.

Congratulations and i hope they give you some great moments and fish.

Happy Fishing. Frank

Fish Whisperer said...

Great lures. It is always nice to receive fishing gear in the mail.

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Frank,
Yes this was a great surprise, but I will not fish with these ones, they will stay in the collection.
They are very beautiful hand made ones and I don't want to take the risk of loosing them...

Hi Fish Whisperer,
Yes they are great, and yes again, fishing gears in the mail box is alway a very nice thing. Specially when it is a surprise.

Have a good day.

Boris Nelson said...

I like the simplicity of your composition! Nicely done!lure fishing

Benno said...

Nice lures to be given. Congrats on your first deception, if it has a small hole in the bib than it's a Whitmores :D Does the deception have an Australian map on the bib? If not it's a Paul Kneller and far more valuable!

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Benno,

Yes, it is a real deception, A Paul Kneller

Have a good day,