Thursday, February 2, 2012

And The Giveaway Winner Is ...

Hi there,

Here comes the result of who won the fishing lure from my first giveaway...

In the month of January, during which anyone could enter this free giveaway, this very blog registered a bit over 1300 visits.
From all these visits only nine comments were posted as entries in the giveaway.
Of the nine entries, one I considered to be spam so only eight were in the race.
From the eight left, one arrived on the 1st of February in Australia, but it came from Europe where it was still the 31st of January, so I accepted it.
After all, in the good old time of paper mail, the postal stamp on the envelope would have said January.

Now who won?
Here comes the screenshot from the generator on, so get ready:

The entry number 4!

The Fisherman's Daughter has won!

And the funny thing is that she is the entry number four, and has entered the giveaway on the fourth of January...
Now just try to tell me that four is not her lucky number!

The coveted prize.

The Fisherman's Daughter, your handcrafted timber lure, made in Darwin, Australia, will be delivered to you soon.

Allen Sentance Fisherman, 
Yes that would be nice to catch up one day, and talk Barramundi and other scaly critters from our neighbourhood.

For all the people who who entered and didn't win...
I might do others giveaway in the future, just to keep things fun.
Better luck next time I guess, sorry that I could not have a prize for everyone of you.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

P.S: And welcome to my latest follower, the first one from Greece:  seaspinning


Frank Simón said...

Congratulatios to the Fishermans Daughter.

It's been fun watching this unfold.

Gooday! Frank

Anonymous said...

Thankyou. Thankyou. This has made my day ,no my year. Some new braid on my old Shimano and I am ready to go. Maybe not. Will sit it next to the copper one and wish I was fishing.
What a great win.
The Fishermans Daughter

Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Yes it was interesting for me too to see how the thing unfolded.

And The Fisherman Daughter, it is nice to see the prize going to someone that is so happy with it.

Have a good day,