Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mega Prize From The Show.

Hi there,

Not long ago, I went to the Royal Darwin Show 2012.
There, I won a really cool prize, just by writing my name and phone number on a piece of paper, and dropping it in the barrel.
Another proof that to win it, you have to be in it.

This was a free raffle organised by the Department of Resources of the Northern Territory Government. Thank you guys!

Every times that I went to the Royal Darwin Show, I entered this raffle, and had never won it before. When you are going to see the prize, you will understand why I was happy, even if it is not all about fishing.
In fact when I entered it this year, my partner told me that it would be great if we could win, as it had things for the whole family in it. From our little one, to her and for I, even a little thing for the mother in law!

So by now, you might want to see what it is all about, no?
Here comes the best grin and grip photo of all times...

Two happy chaps.

Thank you Matt.
Ok, you can't see much of it there, so here it is in details.
First the parts that will go to my little one:

An aquarium.

Yes a full aquarium, with a pump, some little coloured stones, fake plant and even a $25.00 voucher to get some fishes from the pet shop.
Ho yes the little one is more than excited with that.
And this is not all what she got...

Quartz mining and bugs.

Now the people who organised this prize, must have some kids, or are still very young at heart. Maybe both...
Because yes the quartz/crystal thing made her jump with joy, and the bugs are so cool!
Hours of play to comes.

Then there is the thing for my beloved, the mother of our child.

Garden stuff.

Some seeds, a book about gardening, a bug catcher, and a card to buy stuff at Bunnings!
(Bunnings is a hard-wear store with plenty of gardening tools).
Ms Frugal Down Under was happy to get all this for her garden.
And she even got the mega pot in which all of these goodies came to us:

The big pot.

I am not sure yet of what will grow in this pot, but it will be great I am sure.

In all of this, there was also something for my mother in law:

Beescreek Honey.

A jar of Beescreek Honey, made here in the Northern Territory.
It is always good to have some local product on the table.
Where ever you are, the local products consistently seem to taste better.

And what about me and the fishing?
Here it comes, I kept the best for the end...

Now we are talking.

A great fishing rod Crystal Blue Power Tip in the Fishing and Outdoors World edition, one of my favourite shop in Darwin.
With a Shimano Alvio 4000FC reel, this combination might become my lunch break combo. 
With that was a waterproof book of fishing knots by Geoff Wilson.
And one beautiful Barra Blitz lure, handcrafted in the NT by Nautilus.
The more it goes, the more I love these timber lures.

So yes a mega prize, with goodies for all the family.
What else could we ask?
Nothing much really.

I did went and try the rod and reel this morning for about half an hour from the Fishermen Wharf, and it worked very well. In fact I was even happily surprised by the casting distance of this little rod.
Yes it would have been good if I had caught a fish in the short amount of time that I was there, that would have made for a great pic for this post...
But I came back from my field testing empty handed.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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