Friday, July 27, 2012

The Archerfish From BarraGuru.

Hi there,

I have been very lucky and have been offered another great handmade lure.
Carved from timber the lure was produced by BarraGuru, and this one is fashioned to look like an Archerfish.
A common prey of the Barramundi, in the top end of Australia.
And the lure do look like an Archerfish:

The BarraGuru Archerfish.

At first sight, it could be mistaken for a rattle spot or some kind of vibe lure. But the bib and tow point on the nose, are sure hints of a different type of beast.
Weighted in the belly, the lure stand upright in the water, even when not moving.
Thus it will enable these very slow, twitch and pause kind of retrieve, so effective when fishing for Barramundi. It was clearly created with one fish in mind.

The paint job, is very subtle, and the colours change in a dramatic ways, depending of the incidence of light on the lure. His large sides will send some nice flash underwater.
And should be very efficient in some of our dark and murky rivers, along some mangrove edges.

View of the belly.

It is signed under the belly, and you can see how the colours change with a different angle of view, compared with the first image.

From another angle.

I just like how the colour can change, and the overall finish of this lure.
Just imagine it shivering above a snag habited by an old, hungry mama Barramundi...

Ready for action.

This is a lure that I am very happy to have, thank you Tony.
Once again Tony, the maker of the BarraGuru lures, has worked hard to make a beautiful lure. A lure that could easily stand in a collector display, with no shame.
Yet, I think that I will have to swim this one, and give it a chance to catch me a nice fish.
I know and I fear it: it might come back full of scratch, with some very damaged colours...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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