Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dundee Rocks.

Hi there,

We went fishing on the rocks at Dundee, full of hopes...
And we came back with empty bags...

Yet it was a really good time to catch up with my friend Seano, and we did do a lot better than the last time that I went there.
The previous time that I was fishing on these rocks, it was freezing (well as much as it can be cold in the NT of Australia) and the wind was ferocious.
As a result we hadn't caught anything.

This time the weather was better, but it is not summer yet, and the cold winds were working against us.
Still it is a very beautiful place to spend some time in the morning.

The Dundee rocks.

When we arrived we saw another car and two tents where we parked.
As it was just day break, we made as less noise as we could, to not wake up the happy campers.
We started fishing for not much than a few half hearted hits.
At one point as Seano was at the most extreme point of the rocks, he was casting in my direction, and we were having a small chat when a wave, that I swear I didn't see coming, just drenched Seano, from head to feet...
I did apologise for not seeing this one coming, and we laughed about it.
Well, mostly me...
Not long after that, we had just moved a few meters along the rock, when from the corner of my eye I saw Seano take a step back on the rock, but all at my fishing I didn't gave it the attention it should have deserved... 
And this time, I was the one on the receiving end of a wave, and got pretty wet.
We laughed about it.
Well, mostly Seano laughed about it...

We both changed our lures one more time, trying to find the lure of the day.
Seano asked me what lure I had tied on? 
I replied that I had a DUO Tide Minnow 120MD, and that it was the first time that I was using it, so I had never caught a fish on it yet.
And just as I finished my sentence, I felt the sharp jerk on the line: I was on!
It didn't seems to be a huge fish, but still, he was alive and kicking and gave a good account of itself.
Once landed I saw that this was a small Blue Salmon ( Eleutheronema tetradactylum ).

Little Blue Salmon.

If you look with attention, you can notice that this fish sports on his belly and on his back, some very recent scars. It may have escaped a toothy predator, not long before going for my lure...
I guess that the poor critter was having a rough day.
So I put it back in the water, I think that he deserved it.
And also, it was still very early and full of optimism I was sure that I would catch a better one...
How could I have been so wrong?
I have fished for long enough to know that this is not because you catch a fish, that you will catch another one...
Yes this is right, this was to be my last fish landed for the day, and I released it...

Not long after that Seano saw a little rat of a Barramundi going for his lure, nearly just under his feet.
We both casted in the same spot a few times, alas for no results.
We moved a bit more along the rocks, and I threw another cast in the same direction, and sure enough I was on this little guy.
He made one jump toward the right, and spat my lure on the left...
Yes I know this is all part of Barramundi fishing, but I was slightly disappointed nonetheless.

And after that, no more action for the day...
As the tide was receding, we decided to do the same and walked back to the car.
As we arrived near our vehicle, I recognised one of the campers, it was Tissy, from the FFF forum.
We made small talk, they hadn't fished yet, and we had nothing to brag about...
So in the car we jumped and drove towards another spot, were we spent a few minutes casting for not much more, so it was time to head back home.

To me this was a great morning fishing in a very beautiful place, where I would not be able to go on my pushbike. So thanks you for the trip Seano.
Even if I haven't caught a Barramundi yet, on my new fishing rod...

But hey, it cold be worse.
Have a good day,


Fish Whisperer said...

Looks like we are both having the same no luck these days. Good thing we enjoy it so much.
Tight Lines

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Fish Whisperer,

This is not no luck...
This is the wind fault...

It is still very enjoyable time on the water edge, and I guess that this is part of fishing.

And I am sure that you will get back into it real fast.

Have a good day,