Saturday, July 14, 2012

10 Lures From My Sponsor.

Hi there,

Yes I just received ten fishing lures from my sponsor WildBait Lures.
A young Australian fishing lure company.
You may remember not so long ago, when I said that I had been selected among the people to be sponsored by WildBait Lures, and how happy I was.
Well I was even more happy when the lures arrived in my  mail box.
Not just one or two, but ten of them!

Look at that:

In a nice little lure box.

Ten nice fishing lures.

As you can see, ten lures, in two different sizes and four colours.
the biggest ones are about 7 cm (2.7559055 inches) and the smaller ones are around 6.5 cm (2.5590551 inches).
The longer ones are Minnow and dive to a depth of 2 metres (78.740157 inches).
While the shorter ones are Stalker and swim between 1,5 and 2.5 meters (59.055118 and 98.425197 inches).

Here comes some portraits, enjoy the beautiful models:

WildBait Minnow 7BRT.

WildBait Minnow 7BBT.

WildBait Stalker 6G.

WildBait Stalker 6VBG.

This is the two sizes and four colours that I received, beautiful!
WildBait Lures, as already stated is a relatively new comers to the fishing lure industry. The company is Australian, but the lures are hand made in Poland.
A country where I have travelled extensively in  my youth. I am sure that fishing with these beautiful little lures, will bring back some fond memories to me.

I think that they would be very efficient for billabong fishing, where we usually fish with much smaller lures than in rivers or the sea.
They should also produce some good results fishing the many rock walls along the Darwin's shores, with bream and maybe even whiting on the sandy beaches...
Lots of place to go and test them, how exciting is that!

Yet I can't go fishing today, and will have to wait as patiently as one can, a few days before being able to test them. Hard life ...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Anonymous said...

They look amazing so will be on the look out for them when next lure shopping. I wonder how they fish and have you had a chance to try them out.

the fishermans Daughter

Rambling Expat said...

Hi the Fishermans Daughter,

No, I wanted to try them last weekend, but was not able to.

I will let you know how they go.

Have a good day,