Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Advertising fishing lures

Hi there,

Here are some of my Advertising  fishing lures.
I sometimes fish with some of them. Albeit not the ones presented in this post, and even if I don't really believe that fishes can read, fishing lures with advertising on their sides do catch fishes.
The reason I do not fish with the ones presented here, is because all these ones are either old ones that are not produced anymore, or brand new in perfect condition still in the boxes.
The ones I use are either some that I found pre-used at the second hand shop, or some that I was able to obtain in double. So one can stay safe in the collection while the other go for a swim.
But if I find just one in it's box, it will stay in the box...

So without further ado, here they are, all from the brand Reidy's:

First the Reidy's AquaRat made for Incitec.

Side view.

View from the top, with the old Reidy's logo.

This AquaRat was made for Smorgon Steel.

Two side views at different angles.

A Taipan made for Top End Fishing Supplies, what a better present from a tackle shop.

View from the belly.

With the old logo from above.

These were the old ones for which production has stopped.
Now come the boxed ones.

A Little Lucifer for Travel NT. NT stand for Northern Territory, and it is a great place in Australia. 

A colour that would pleased the Dutch.

The Judge, made for Komat'su.

I am sure that fishes would love this colour.

The Judge made for AFANT, The Amateur Fishermen's Association of the Northern Territory. (Australia)

Green is a very good colour for our rivers.

A B52's for RCR

The B52's is one of my favourite Barra lure.

And now as a special bonus another lure that I found at a second hand shop, but for which I do not have any clues as to what it is...
There is absolutely no branding on it, so I do not know who made it.
If by any chance you know, you are more than welcome to tell me about it.

Nice orange on the back.

And shiny on the sides.

So do you know what it is?

And just so you know, I am not spending all my hard earned cash on my lures, to give you a concrete example for all the lure presented in this post it costed me a grand total of around AU$17...
Not bad hey... 

Still I have to confess that it is true that I spend a reasonable amount of time looking at or playing with them... Which might be why some people are starting to know me as the guy's who likes fishing lures...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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