Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is this a nudist beach?

Hi there,

And no, no needs to scroll down to the photo too fast, there is no pictures of naked person in this post.
Yet, you will understand what I mean...
Patience is the fisherman best friend...

So it started on a calm Saturday morning, when I was slowly getting ready to get my breakfast, and take the family to the lifestyle show at the convention centre.
When my phone rang and it was Sheeby: Hey mate do you want to go fishing? I just spoke to Seano, he can't come but said that you would be keen.
Me: When?
Him: In twenty minutes.
Me: just let me check... Yes!

Got all the gears ready in a record time, forgot about breakfast, and just as I came out of my home, there he is arriving in front of it.

First stop, the Stoke Hill Wharf, trying for some queenies, but to no avail. So very quickly we made the decision to go the Deck Chair Cinema.
Not too much action there either...
Saw one guy on our right land a good fish and this is it...
So we moved again and decided to hit Lameroo Beach, just under the Esplanade in the city.
Sheeby had never fished the spot.

So we walk down the rainforest path, and turn right. There is already two people fishing, so we decided to try our luck on the left side of the beach.
As soon as we arrive, Sheeby do a first cast and he is on!
To a "Huuuuge" Giant Herring (
Elops machnata). But that was his first ever cast on Lameroo Beach, and the first time that he got a Giant Herring. So he was happy, it is always nice to ad a new specie to your personal list. 

Sheeby's "Huuuge" Giant Herring.

We continue to move to the left and cast for a while, soft plastic and hard bodies.
Sheeby continue more on the left and I stay there casting away, enjoying the peace of the place, the big sky and the water edge, thinking how lucky we are to have spots like this one just in the city.

When I heard some people coming from my right. 
I look over my shoulder, and a couple arrive and the woman turn her back to me, lift her dress and proceed to relieve herself on the beach doing her morning wee-wee... I quickly turn my head the other way, after all this is not my business...
Then not long after I heard a splash, what was that quick I look again over my shoulder.
And there she is having her morning swim. Then get out of the water and naked start to dry herself.
Once again, I do not want to be confused with a pervert, so I look the other way, and even walk a bit further away on the left of the beach...

Where not long after, I catch up with Sheeby and ask him if we shouldn't try the right hand side of the beach, now that the tide is receding. He agreed and we start to head for it.
We are in the middle of the beach, in full view of every one, when I told him: Is that guy over there going in the water naked?
He looked and immediately answer back to me: I don't know, you saw him first, but maybe we should stay here for a little more before continuing in his direction!

Now, this guy had nothing to do with the first naked woman I saw, he was part of another couple.
And in fact he wasn't going for a swim, but just to un-snag a fishing line....
Yet that was the second person naked on the beach in a relatively short amount of time.
And this is why later on Sheeby asked me if this was a naturist beach...

Any way back to our little fishes.
So we finally arrived on the right hand side and start to fish in earnest again.
Not getting much action on my line, I thought to myself: My boy, stuff all this softy things and get back to your chrome slices...
I start to cast for not very long when I have a very good hit on the line, but no hook-up. It was close to midday and I still didn't had any breakfast in me, so was starting to fatigue a bit, but the jolt of the hit made me fully aware again.
I continue to cast in more or less the same direction for a short time, when rewinding as fast as I could with my lure maybe 5 meters from the shore, in shallow water, I saw a big and very fast flash of silver... And my line was cut just like that...

Must have been a Mac.
Got even more jolted and go to sat on a rock to put a new ladder and try my luck again.

Has I was getting my line ready, a bloke came by and said: You guys are too late. I fish this place only from 7 to 9 in the morning. It's the only time that you can catch fishes here, other wise the water is too hot and the fish don't bite any more...
I decided to not give him to much attention and to continue to get my line ready and left Sheeby to deal with our expert...
And not long after this guy left, Shebby was on to a mother in law fish.
So yes we did a quick photo and the fish was released.

The Mother In Law Fish.

Then Sheeby told me that he just had a follow up by a little Barra.
Yeah yeah sure...
He cast again a couple of time and sure enough he is one and land a nice and feisty little Barra.
So we had a good laugh about the guy who had just very kindly told us that we were wasting our time.
As just before he arrived I got cut off and as soon as he left Sheeby landed two fishes.

After that we stayed a little bit, and went back home.
All together, it was a very relaxing morning, I think I should do that more often you know, going fishing...

Thanks Sheeby for the call and the lift.

And yes I did miss the Life Style Show and didn't land any fish...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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