Saturday, June 18, 2011

No fishes but two question.

Hi there,

This morning I went fishing with Sarrge who picked me up at home and gave me a lift to our fishing spot of the day, and back. 

We had chosen to fish the Cullen Bay Rock Wall as the tide seemed to be good for it, and didn't got any fishes.
Except a little Long Tom that I had hooked on the tail with a chrome slice, and that Sarrge tried to use as a live bait.
And a little Scat that I got in the cast net and tried to use as a live bait too.
(Yes we had somehow planed to put some line in with live bait on, while we were going to cast our chrome slices to the schools of pelagic that we had anticipated to come in contact with...)
But we didn't see a single bust up, or any bird working on a school of bait or any thing remotely exciting on a piscatorial point of view.

The place was really calm and relaxing, still we could have done with a fish or two...

Yet I did made two pictures, as I was standing on the rock wall: first one looking on my right at Darwin with the sun rising, and the other photo literally seconds after the first one, looking on my left, in the direction of Mandorah, with the moon in the sky.
I might be a bit of a simple mind, but to be able to see these two things at the same time, in the calm of the rock wall and flat water that we had there on this beautiful and cold morning, that the kind of things that I love in Darwin, it makes me feel happy to be alive. 

The Darwin side with the sunrise was all warmth and light. While the Mandorah side was all cold and night lights, in the dawn of a new day.

Sunrise over Darwin.

The moon over Mandorah.

Like two opposites facing each other, one being chased by the other.

So now, back to the topic of this post, the two question.
Is a small Long Tom potentially a good live bait?
Is a Scat potentially a good live bait?

Do you know?

As I very rarely fish with live bait, (as you may have understand by now, I am more of a lure person). 
I am basically wondering if we did stand a chance or not to have caught something this morning...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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