Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pimp My Reel.

Hi there.

Yes I did pimp one of my reel last week.
My little Shimano Curado 201E7 to be exact (the one I use for Barramundi fishing).
And nothing too bling, it is all under the bonnet.
You won't see any thing from looking at it, and here is a proof of it:

The reel under the banana trees.

So what has been done to this reel you could ask...
Nothing too flashy to look at.
Well, first the aluminium drag was changed for a stainless steel one for a smoother action. 
Then the factory drag washers have been replaced by some Carbontex ones for a stronger action. Allowing me to put more weight on the fishes.
And to finish it up the reel has been spooled  with yellow high visibility 30lb. braided line.

As you can see, there is not much to look at on the outside, most of it was done inside of the reel. It still look the same old reel full of scratches, but has in fact become a mean fishing machine. 
That the way I like it.

After about three year of duties this little reel finally received some well deserved care and attention. In fact it cost me a lot less than buying a brand new reel, but its performances are now much better than what it ever was.

So have I already caught a monster Barramundi with it since it has been modified?
Nope, not yet...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Fish Whisperer said...

You will love the drag upgrades. I do that to all of my reels. It does help that I am a Smooth drag dealer.

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Fish Whisperer,

Yes I do like it, for the few little Barramundi I got it was great.
To the extant that I am now thinking of getting the same on my spinning reel.

Being a Smooth drag dealer sounds real good.

Have a good day,

Mully said...

totally agree besides his reels the best thing ERskin made ,,all my reels have the upgrades and ill never turn back

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Mully,

I didn't know that he was also making some reels.
They must be sweet as...

And in fact my spinning reel is at the "Reel Mechanics" just right now, to get an upgrade too.
I can't wait to get it back and to try it on some pelagic...

Have a good day,