Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eating somebody's else fish, once again.

Hi there,

Yes, once again, I had a feast on someone else catch...

This could be a long and very embarrassing post about how I went fishing with some friends, and was the only one not catching anything...
Or even worse, on how I got a major bird nest on Sarrge overhead reel, while trying to help him...
Or I could write about how Seano got the hook of one of his own lure stuck just above his left eye, the barb well into the skin. And how he got it out himself while we were all looking at him.

But no, I will just tell you that after all this was still a very good morning, under a very big sky and a very flat sea. The weather was just beautiful, and the air full of expectation, especially for Sarrge who wanted to try his new rod and reel.

When we all arrived at East-Point the scenery was once again for a city boy like me, at it's best. And just after a few cast Seano who was using a small popper was on.

At the first lights of the day, Seano is on.

And he got a nice Queenfish which he gave to Dan.

Seano and his catch under the full moon.

Not long after that he got a nice little Grey Mac on a soft plastic, and kept it for his lunch.

Mac on soft plastic.

About at the same time, Sarrge finally christened his new rod and reel with a nice Queenfish.

Reeling it in.

Happy as a man who just caught a fish.

And that was on a soft plastic too.

Queenfish on soft plastic.

Then Seano got two other little Macs, on chrome slice, and gave them to me. They made a delicious lunch.

The lunch that was offered to me.

Not long after that, just as I finished, with Sarrge help to untangle the mess that I had made on his own reel, the wind started to pick up, and we decided to go back home, for a proper breakfast.

So yes, I totally stuffed up with my mate's reel which made him miss a fish, and I was not even able to catch a single fish despite the near perfect conditions...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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