Saturday, July 30, 2011

No fish but two new lures.

Hi there,

Today I had another go at fishing for no fish.
And it is not for the lack of trying.
In fact there was 5 of us, all regular in this spot, and none of us landed a single fish.


Well I would love to know.
The weather was perfect without wind, and the water flat as a marble tombstone.
And no life was taken from it.

I did see and this is the first time that I saw that, a stingray being hooked on a popper.
But it unhooked 1 meter from the land...

In fact the weather was so good, that I took the opportunity to make a few photos.
And lucky you, here they are:

Sun rise at East Point.

Fishing just after dawn.

Seano hooked on a stingray with a popper.

Like in the olden days.

Yes no fish but as you can see still a beautiful morning.

And what about the two lures I hear you asking...
Well, Seano gave them to me. He said that he had these old lures that he is not using any more, so I could have them for my little fishing lure collection.
When I saw them, I was so happy that I gave him an Iron Hide lure made by Rupe.
I had receive this lure just the precedent day and really liked it, but was also very grateful for the two lure so I gave him this beautiful little lure.
In a few days, I might do a post about this lure, stay tuned.

So what are these two lures?
Well the first one is my second Classic Barra +10 with no rattle inside.
Same lure than in this post, but in a different colour.
The colour of this one is called Elton On Chrome, and here it comes:

Elton On Chrome, Classic Barra circa 1996. 

View from above.

And the second one is another Australian lure, but the body of this one is made of wood.
It is a Willo Lures, made by Craig Wilson from Brisbane, in Australia.
I am not absolutely sure of that, but I fear that the company does not exist any more.
Let me introduce you to a little part of the Australian recreational fishing history in images:

My first ever Willo Lures.

Battered like a well used fishing lure.

With it's name on the lower belly.

The summary of the morning was that we did not land a single scale, but had a few good laugh between friends, and as a bonus I got two new very cool old fishing lures.
The only problems being that if things continue like this, I will need more room to store all my lures. And Coming back home without a fish start to turn into a bad habit... 

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Ms. Dig said...

Those fishing photos are beautiful!

Rambling Expat said...

Thank you Ms. Dig,

To me sometimes the places where I go fishing are as important as the fishing itself, this is an integral part of it.
Sometimes I don't go with some of my fishing buddies even when they tell me that it is a sure spot for catching fishes, simply because I don't like the place.

I still prefer a morning without fish in a beautiful place than a morning with 200 fishes in a not so nice location.

I guess that it makes me more of a spectator that a hardcore fisherman...
But hey, that is just the way I am.

Have a good day,

Ramakant Pradhan said...

The shots looks great!!

Rambling Expat said...

Thank you Ramakant Pradhan,

I do enjoy making some photograph sometimes, and fishing and photography are going well together.

Have a good day,

Mully - Lure and more said...

so let us know the camera you use beautiful pictures mate of a stunning part of the world.
your lure collection is surely growing but really can we ever have too many ??? lol
my last count was around 3000 vintage and collectable then we have the fishing lures ,,oh well as you say it could be worse

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Mully,

Thank you for the comment about the photos.
Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time.
My fishing camera is just an old Pentax Optio W80.
I like it because it is very light, small, water proof and shockproof.
The only downsides are the battery life is pretty short, and the quality of the file that it produce is not always very good...
But hey, this is just a compact point and shoot.
And yes, the Top End is a rather magical place in our world.

As for your 3000 lures...
I just hope that my beloved partner will not read your comment, or she might get a fit!

Have a good day,

Mully - Lure and more said...

I have the same camera in orange great sturdy fishing camera you do realize you can get an aftermarket extended battery from the good old ebay

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Mully,

No, I had no clues about the extended batteries.
I should try to look out for them.
Thanks for the information.

My camera is the yellow one, I took it in yellow for the high visibility so I don't loose it in the excitement of fishing...
Yes it has happen before...

Have a good day,