Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Fishing Lures For The Collection.

Hi there,

Yes I got a bit spoiled by Rossco once again, he offered me seven new, old fishing lures for my collection.
Rossco is a well respected member of the FFF forum.

First comes a Snarl from Killalure:

The Killalure Snarl.

So it is not Billy Idol snarl, this is the Killalure one, but I am really happy to finally have this lure which was missing to my collection. This lure not being produced any more, I was always on the lookout for one to show up at the op-shop or at a lawn sale, and it came to me in the form of a present.
Isn't it nice?

Now is a lure that look a bit like the Snarl:

The Killer Bait.

It is in fact a Killer Bait, an American lure, while the Killalure Snarl is an Australian one.
It is interesting to see them side by side.

Then a lure from Reidy's:

The Aqua Rat.

I love the Aqua Rats (I didn't had one in this colour), and might do a post just about them soon, as it was a very important lure for Reidy's, it put them on the world map of fishing lures.
Stay tuned for more about it.

And here is the JJ's lure:

Stumper jumper from JJ's Lure.

Once again a lure that I had none of in my small collection.
And I always like nice and simple colour like this one, white and blue.

The Manns:
Manns +20.

Manns are American fishing lures, that are commonly used for fishing in Australia.
I do have a few in my collection and like them too.
And interesting thing with this one, is the line attached to it.
If this is the line that the last angler to use this lure used to fish with it... He or she must have been after some kind of very big fish ... 

And talking of big fish:

The Barra Spoon by Halco.

Yes it is called the Barra Spoon, but it is also used by many people to troll for big pelagic.
In fact the first and only time I used one of these myself, was to troll in Darwin Harbour, and I got a nice Spanish Mackerel on it.
This lure is an old classic among the fishing lures used in the Top End.

And one advertising lure:

Classic Barra XXXX Gold.

Yes fishing lures with advertising on them have a special place in my collection, and are in fact the biggest part of it.
This is even what started it all for me.
This one is a Classic Barra +10 with the logo of the beer XXXX Gold from Queensland.
After a bit of research I was able to find that the Classic Barra, with this very logo from XXXX Gold were made to be distributed during a big fishing competition to all the participant. These lures were not for sale, so I am very happy to have it.

All these lures have been fished, and this is how I like my lures: when they have worked for a living.

Thanks again Rossco, these lures are a welcome addition to the collection.

Now, I realise that some of you don't comprehend why I will not fish with these lures, and will keep them dry. You may think that this is a waste of some perfectly usable fishing lures... 

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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This is a classic collection mate!