Sunday, March 11, 2012

Three New Old Fishing Lures.

Hi there,

Here comes three new old fishing lures, latest addition to my little collection.
I got these lures as a present from Doors Off a member of the FFF Forum.
Thanks Doors Off.

The first lure on the top of the image is a Halco Combat.
But today's this lure comes with a different bib, they don't make them like that anymore...

Then comes a Reidy's Taipan, but with the eyes and bib different than what they look like on the lures made today. And the Quantas colour on this lure is also a variant that I was yet to own or even see, so very happy with it.
(Australian call the red heads and white bodies fishing lures Quantas, in reference to the colours of their national airline).

The third lure, the one on the bottom of the image is a Goulburn Jack from Reidy's too.
Once again with different eyes that what the Reidy's lures have today, and in a colour that is no longer on the catalogue.
And both of these Reidy's lures have the company logo on the back of the lure, another thing that is not done like this anymore.
These Reidy's lures are locally made in Darwin, and are among my favourite to collect.

Want to see them?
Have a look:

Three nice fishing lures.

I like the heart shaped bib of the Goulburn Jack, I am yet to fish with one of them, but have seen one being fished with success in the past, so I should try them one day.

And sorry for the quality of the photo, it was made with my phone, as my computer is down at the moment.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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