Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Was In A Fishing Magazine.

Hi there,

Two photos of me practicing the noble art of angling have been published in a fishing magazine. On one of the images, you can see me still in the heat of the action, bringing a Barramundi to the net. In the other one, it is the more classic "bragging pic", where I proudly hold my catch.
The magazine is nothing else than the very good North Australian Fishing & Outdoors.
My favourite fishing magazine, as it is about the only one that issue after issues is relevant to someone fishing in Darwin.

Here is the Magazine:

In this very issue.

In both photographs I am wearing the fishing shirt that Colin, the boss of Reidy's lures had given me as a present. In the first photo, I am also actually catching a fish with a lure made by Reidy's, called The Judge.
And here it is:

A very focused Rambling Expat.

In this image, the Barramundi was just about to jump out of the water and make a last run before being netted.

And now, lets brag:

Look at that!

In fact it is not the same fish than in the previous image, it is from another day, but still with my lucky shirt.
Both fishes were caught during the Top End Barra Series last year.
The first at the mouth of the Adelaid River, in Arrabmundi's boat. The second one in Darwin harbour, from Dingo's boat.

I did not send any of the photos to the magazine, but I suspect that Dingo, one of the organisers of the Top End Barra series has sent the images. 
This was a good and amusing surprise for me when I purchased the magazine.

And yes I know, in none of these photographs I am holding a metre plus Barramundi...
The Metery club hasn't open it's doors to me yet.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Aritz Rodriguez y Arturo Rodriguez said...

Enhorabuena por esa sorpresa de salir en la revista. Tiene que ser de un gran Orgullo

Rambling Expat said...


Gracias, sí, fue muy agradable.

Tiene un buen día,

Benno said...

Great shot mate, well done :D

Dr. Frankinspain said...


don't forget to pay me a visit when you get your own Angling TV show!

Great stuff.


Fish Whisperer said...

Not to bad. I can't say I have ever been featured in a magazine. You are getting to be quite famous these days.
Tight Lines

Rambling Expat said...


Thanks, you could be the next one in there you know.

Thanks but a TV show? I don't even own a TV ...

Fish Whisperer,
Thanks but you know, it was really unexpected and came as a surprise, I think that this happened just because a mate sent the pics.

Have a good day,

MIT said...

sacré parping .... toujours sur les bons coups ;)) j'aime toujours autant ton sweat ;) be good & CU soon by skype or face time

Rambling Expat said...

Hey Mit!

C'est pas un sweat, c'est une chemise de peche...
Tu n'aimait pas la verte et maintenant tu n'aime pas la rouge...
A se train la tu ne vas pas aimer la bleu...

Passe une bonne fin de journée,

Benno said...

I was in Fish and Boat February edition with my first big eye trevally on the Gold Coast. But that wasn't a nice full spread with a cracking barra :D

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Benno,

Well done!
Trevally often pull more than Barra in my personal opinion.

Have a good day,