Tuesday, April 17, 2012

6 DUO Lures.

Hi there,

Yes I was very lucky to be the winner of an internet draw made by DUO Lures Australia.
The rule was pretty simple, you just had to like their Facebook page and leave a short comment on it.
To win it you have to be in it, so I did it and not very long after I got a message from the guy at DUO Lures Australia, asking for my address as I was the winner of the 4 DUO Barramundi lures pack.
No, this is not a typo, they said 4 lures, and they surprised me with 6: Thanks guys!

I had never had one of their lures in my hands, and all I can say, is that in real, they look even better than on the photos.

So here they are, with in first the Tide Minnow Slim:

Tide Minnow Slim 140.

This one came without any hooks, so I rigged it myself, I would call this type of rigging "Free Style"... I have no clues if it will work or not, but this is something that I want to try.
And it keep in line with the slim profile of the lure.
You can be sure that if it works well, I will let you know.
I just hope that the guys at DUO will not bee too shocked by the new look imparted on this lure...

Then comes the Tide Minnow LD:

DUO, Tide Minnow LD.

A lure of this shape, in the gold colour, should be a great Barramundi lure.
I will have no hesitation to flick this one to a Barramundi's mangrove heaven when the time will be ripe for it, I am pretty confident that it should deliver.

And now let me introduce you to the Deep Feat 90D:

The Deep Feat 90D.

This lure is smaller than the other ones, and will be good for when the fishes gets a bit timid, then you sometimes really need to downsize your offering to tempt them. And it goes deep too, another good thing on shy fishes.

And here enter the Beach Walker:

The Beach Walker 120MD.

Once again a very well finished lure, with a lot of shiny all over it.
This one should cast well and hopefully bring home the bacon.

This is now the turn of the Tide Minnow SLD-F:

The Tide Minnow SLD-F.

I just like the colour of this one, a very bright and clear lure, which I intend to use on the mud flats, or in shallow water. Yet again, this lure as a serious bling side to it, it will look good at the end of the line.

And finally entering the stage is the Tide Vib Slim 140:

Tide Vib Slim 140.

This one is very different compared to the other, this is a fast trolling or fast spinning lure.
To target Mackerel or Tuna, maybe Queenfish and Trevally...
Yes a pelagic lure, this will be fun!
I will not kid you, this is in fact my favourite of the lot, and I can't wait to try it.
It look so much like a little Garfish green on the back with silver flanks.

In fact, I like it so much that this one will have two more photos, just to really show you how sparkling and well finished it is:

What are you looking at?

Yes this is a slim lure with attitude.

Head and gills.

Can you see all the wicked reflections on the gills?
Well it is like that on nearly all of its body.
Just imagine that lure swimming past at full steam in clear water...
Pelagics will love it.

Thanks again DUO Lures Australia, you have just given me one more excuse to go fishing.
The only problem is that I have had these lures for nearly a week now, and didn't had the time to use them yet.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

P.S: And if you want to see a few really good photographs of some DUO lure, here is a link for you to a great blog: Ze Kaywox, enjoy.


Dr. Frankinspain said...

Go, go , go!
This is your year!


Rambling Expat said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks, and yes if only I could get as lucky catching fish...

Have a good day,

Benno said...

I've got a Duo lure and I think it's a beachwalker. At first I was disappointed with the lack of action but then I really giving it a lot of sharp jerks it swam just like a fleeting baitfish. Should work well on the barra up there. Will be interested to see if you have the same experience.

Becoming a bit of a lure magnet mate :D

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Benno,

Yes I will be very interested to see the action of these lures from DUO.
Some of them have some really good colours, and should work well up here.

As to becoming a lure magnet...
Well yes, I have just been very very lucky lately.

Have a good day,