Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My First BarraGuru.

Hi there,

I got very lucky and I was offered a beautiful wooden fishing lure, a BarraGuru.
BarraGuru are hand made timber lures, produced in Darwin, by Tony B.
These as the name suggest, are fishing lures to be used in the pursuit of the mighty Barramundi.
I had seen a few of them, but never had the chance to own one before, it is then easy to imagine my joy at getting one.

And yes, you need to see it, so, here it is:

A 2012 BarraGuru.

The lure is 9.5cm long (about 3.7 inches).
I really like this shape, colour and pattern. It has a retro feel about it, that makes me think of an old English car. In the flurry of multicoloured plastic lure that we can find in almost any fishing tackle shop, it is a bit like finding back an old classic.
I really enjoy that, it has to me, a calming effect. 

Signed under the belly.

Yes, it is signed and dated under the belly. This is the sure proof of a small but passionately hand crafted production. Not just a token of pride, but more the sign that the maker stands behind his creation. 

Head and shoulder.

With a view of the aluminium bib on which the body pattern is repeated, another nice touch in a world of hurried and good enough attitude.

The red throat.

The red throat reminds me of an Erithacus rubella, more commonly known as the European Robin. 
How does a fishing lure makes me think of a bird? Well, I am just pretty confident that there are many anglers out there who are closet bird watchers. 
Simply for the fact, that water birds are often a good pointer as to where the fish are...
And on a very slow fishing day, looking at the birds is a good way to occupy one's mind for a few short moments,  away from the hard work of catching some elusive fishes.

Now, how did this great little lure landed in my open hands?
Well it is really straightforward, I received one phone call of Tony B. himself, who said that I was welcome to come to his place to show him some of my lures, which needed identification, that he could help me with that.
And that he would give me a lure from his own production at the same time...
(Yes, I was very fast in getting to his place).
Thank you Tony, this is a very nice present.

He doesn't really sells his lures, he is more in the swapping for other lures or gift of his lures, to some of his mates or to some charities, than in the selling business.
Which is why they are not that easy to come across.

And now for the real lures collectors out there...
Here is a little thing about this lure, that makes it very special, on top of every things that you have been reading so far...
Yes it is a wooden lure, but could you guess what kind of timber it is made of, and where does it come from?
Are you seated?
The timber is Australian Red Cedar, and it comes from under the house of the famous lure maker Eric Moller in Cardwell, in the far North Queensland...
Yes the very timber this lure is made of, had first been stoked by Eric Moller himself, as stock for his own lure production.
It had never been used, and Tony B. got it from Eric Moller grandson.

Now if this is not special, I don't know what is...
To me this is quite simply another superb piece of Australiana fishing.

When Tony B. gave me the lure, he asked me if I was going to fish with it, saying that this one had a very nice action in the water...
Of course, I replied that there is no way that I would use it to fish!
That I was too afraid to scratch it!
Or even worse, loose it to a big fish or a snag.
Tony laughed, and said that I should use it.

But no, this is another perfect little swimmer that will never touch any water again... 
Some would say that this is a wast of a good fishing lure...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Benno said...

You should at least swim it once, hypnotic action to say the least ;)

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Benno,

Yes I am sure that it would be very nice to see it swim...
But I don't want to scratch it ...

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

They look amazing so will be on the look out for them when next lure shopping. I wonder how they fish and have you had a chance to try them out.

The Fishermans Daughter

Rambling Expat said...

Hi the Fishermans Daughter,

No, I haven't had the chance to try this lure yet...

In fact I think that this one will never swim...

Have a good day,