Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Fishing Sponsor

Hi there,

Yes! I just got a new fishing sponsor, and I am really happy about it.
I have been very lucky and my application was accepted by Wild Bait Lures as one of their sponsored tester.

Here is a photo that they have put on their FaceBook page announcing the 14 winners of the contest they had organised to choose the sponsored fishing lure testers:

Look at the third last one...

So now the pressure is on, I better have to catch some fishes with these Wild Bait Lures.
So I really hope that the Barramundi will like them...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Dr. Frankinspain said...

Congratulations. Well done!

I am very happy for you. I hope you’re treated as you deserve, or at least not badly.

Happy Plugging. Frank

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Frank,

Thank you, yes this is a nice surprise, I can't wait to try their Barramundi lures as soon as I will get them.
It should be fun.

Have a good day,