Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Classic Scorpion.

Hi there,

Here comes my first ever Classic Scorpion, a very neat fishing lure.
I have had some Classic Barra, or some RMG Scorpion before, but never a Classic Scorpion till this one.
The lure was given to me by Seano from the FFF Forum.
Many thanks Seano!

And because it is a beautiful and tough lure, we are going to start with the photos before the historic...

The Classic Scorpion.

In a very nice black, and green chrome colour.

The Classic Scorpion logo.

It is wearing the Classic Scorpion on one side, and the RMG Lures on the other side.

The RMG side.

One of the differences with the Scorpion made by Halco today, is the tow point, straight on the nose of the lure. Today's Scorpion are bib towed.

Eyes and tow point.

Another difference is that this lure is not moulded plastic, but made by foam injection, it is made of urethan. 

Here comes a bit of historic about this lure:

The lure is a RMG Classic Scorpion 150 Urethane. 
It is chrome plated, then dye-painted over chroming. 
They were made by Rob Gaden between 1994 and 1996 in urethane. Then the business was sold to Halco, and soon after the lures were converted to ABS 2 pieces plastic. 
All of this took place while Rob lived in Glen Innes, NSW, before moving to Darwin, NT.
There were about 8-10 000 of the 150mm Scorpion made by Rob, (moulded by Lively Lures).
During that 2 year period, 80% of these were sold through one shop in Darwin: Fishing & Outdoor World by George Vokolous. 
This shows the confidence Darwin's anglers got in this lure, in the pursuit of Barramundi and other scaly critters. 

I would love you to believe that my knowledge about fishing lures is without limit. But no, I have to confess that when it comes to lures culture, I am just an absolute beginner...
All of this I learned by asking directly to the renowned Australian lure designer Rob Gaden, the very man who produced this lure.
Thank you Rob for your patience and replies to my many questions.

Ok, just one last image for the road:

Nice, isn't it?

So, I have just one of them, while there has been around 10 000 of them wandering out there...
I can't help but to wonder how many are left, forgotten and languishing in some dark backyard sheds, collecting dust, remembering some happier days...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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