Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One New BarraGuru.

Hi there,

Yes I have been very lucky, I was offered one more BarraGuru fishing lure.
And once again, it is a very beautiful timber one.

How come I got this lure?
Well it is very simple, I was having a little chat with Tony B. the maker of the BarraGuru lures, and of course it is very easy to guess what we were discussing...
You are right, fishing lures, yes...
And as I was showing him one of his lures in a display, I told him that I really liked the colour and shape of this one, as for some obscure reasons it made me think of an old cafe racer. It was a yellow lure with a black head.
I don't know what chord it strung with Tony, but he smiled at me and said: "I will make you one like that".
This was music to my hears, and I thought that if I was lucky, in a few weeks, maybe months, I would be the happy recipient of a new great hand made fishing lure.
Well, bite me, but in the same week, (talk of a spoilt kid) Tony got this great lure delivered to me.
Thank you Tony.

Here it comes:

My second BarraGuru.

This one to me, will be the cafe racer of my little collection.
Don't ask why, but it remind me of these old motorbikes from the 1960's.

From above.

To me the head and bib look a bit like an ace of spades. And every time that I see an ace of spades, this old song from when I was a tad younger, came back in the back of my head... The song of course is called Ace of Spades by the band Motörhead... 
A tune that I really liked as a kid, which has stuck to some recess of my memory.

Signed under the tail.

Yes 2012 seems to be a very good vintage for the BarraGuru production.

The face.

This is a very well finished wooden fishing lure.
This one too, is made from the Red Cedar that had been stocked by Eric Moller, under his house for his own production. And was later given to Tony by Eric Moller grandson.
The wood this very lure is made from, was stocked in far North Queensland before being moved to Darwin in the Northern Territory, to finally being transform in a beautiful fishing lure.
The origin of the wood, combined with the great work from Tony, make this a very special object in itself.

Now, with this lure, I have decided to do a thing that I normally would never do with any of the lures from my collection...
I will actually try to catch a fish with it.
I would love to be able to give Tony a photograph of a fish caught with one of his lure.
It would be just one fish, and back to the display case.
I know that the lure, might be scratched, and may loose a bit of its original paintwork...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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