Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Have Been Spoiled.

Hi there,

Yes I have been spoiled, and by no one else than DUO Lures Japan.
Not long ago, they had a photographic competition, and I was with one guy from Portugal and another from the UK, one of the three winners.
If you really want to know which photo I had sent to win, you can have a look at their web site...

And yes I was happy about that, because as a prize, they sent me some really cool fishing lures.
Look at what I saw when I opened the parcel that I received:

Look at all the goodies!

There is too many great lures in there for me to do a full list with names and specificities of each one of them, so I will just show you the photos of them, and talk just a bit about a few of them.

This should be a good salt water Barra lure.

And this is his big brother.

Now this is a lure that I can't wait to test on the shallow, as it inspire great confidence in me. It is 15 cm long, and look just like a sea Mullet... It should bring home the bacon.

A Realis Jerkbait 120SP.

And another one.

This one is a suspending lure, and I love suspending lures.
Because, you can work them super slow, and yet they stay in the strike zone.
Just what you need to wake up a big Barramundi, when other lures don't produce.

A Beach Walker 120MD.

This is a lure that I have already fished (albeit in another colour), and it produced the good. It was a day, fishing land based from the rock, and it was the only lure to catch some fish on the day.

A Tide Minnow.

And another one.

Now why do I like the Tide Minnow?
Because the photo that made me won all these lures, had a Tide Minnow in it. With a nice Barramundi attached to it...

A Bay Ruf V-90.

I didn't had any lure like that one , and I am now very happy to have one.
At 40 grames, it get down deep when the fish are hiding in a hole and will only take a lure that is bumping in front of them.
And the kid in me, loves the fact that it glow in the dark!


This is a Terrif Radical Swim Edition, and the bib is made of titanium...
In fact I am not sure that I will use this one, or keep it for the collection.

Tide Vib Slim 140.

I can't wait to either troll this one fast, or cast it to a school of pelagic, and spin it back like a maniac. This, is to me a really exciting lure.

A really cute little Popper.

I might use this little Pocopoco when targeting bream, or whiting from the shore.

Realis Crank 48SR.

This one I want to use, either in the billabongs, or to try to get some Flathead in salt water.

The Manic.

When I saw it, I though that this one was just too cool to be fished, and would end up forever on my desk. But realistically I have to see how it swim, so I will fish it.

The Terrif DC-9 Bullet.

Here comes a lure, which I believe will shine when chasing some Barramundi on the mud flat or in some shallow drain. Hopefully I will be able to test it very soon, and I am sure that it will be a beauty. I already have a DUO Lure in this colour, and it proved to be incredibly efficient. Outfishing all the other lures that were tested the day I fished it.
This to me look like a Barramundi lolly.

and I also got a super neat little box to store all my little accessories like swivels, clips and hooks.

The Realis box.

So thank you very much DUO Lures, I am feeling real happy with all these toys, and hope to soon build some great memories with the help of them all.

My only problem about all these lures, is that since getting them, I didn't really had the time to try them...

But hey it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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