Saturday, September 22, 2012

One KO Lures To Giveaway.

Hi there,

This post is all about giving away a free, brand new fishing lure.
I was very fortunate to won a door prize at the last event of the Top End Barra Series, and this prize was a voucher to go and pick up some gears from KO Lures.
Ko Lures, is still a new and young brand of fishing tackle, a company started here in Darwin.
Being made in Darwin, KO Lures caters mostly for people fishing in tropical waters, making some very strong and robust gears.
KO Lures is one of the sponsors of the 2012 Top End Barra Series.

So what did I pick for myself?
Easy to guess, some more lures!
But the truth is that I got these lures, because Dean, a competitor in the 2012 Top End Barra Series had made a generous donation to the lure company, so they could offer this voucher as a door prize.
And my chance didn't start or stop there, no.
Sheeby, another competitor, and a good fishing buddy of mine, won the door prize...
But as he had finished the round second and got a very nice reel for his effort, he decided to put the prize back in the hat for a redraw, a very kind gesture on his part.
And yes, the person whose name was called after that, was happy me.
I have never fished with a Ko Lure yet, but I can hardly wait to go and give a swim to the ones I got for myself.

One  model of the lures that I picked up, is a big Barramundi lure, and I took two of them.
So I will give one away to a reader of this blog.

Want to see it?
Here it is:

Are you ready for a KO?

This is a large lure of about 19 cm (7.480315 inches) and it comes with some whopping sticky sharp hooks.
Look at the eyes, it says KO.

With a nice pattern on the back.

This lure is made with a wire through construction, so the fish of a life time should not get away.
Nice isn't it?

So what do you have to perform to win this lure?
Very easy, you do not even need to follow this very good blog of mine, or to live in Australia. You can be from any country in the world, if you are the winner, I will send you this lure free of charge wherever you live on this planet.
You just need to leave a comment, in which you tell me your name and what is your favourite lure colour.
Don't leave any contact detail yet, Only if you win, I will then need your contact.
Just remember if you are not a follower to keep an eye on this very blog, at the end of October 2012, to know if you have won.

This is not a tricky question, I will not give the lure to the person who as the same favourite colour than I, simply because I change my mind too often when it comes to lures colours.
I will use the help of to draw the winner.

You can leave a comment from today till the Saturday 27th of October 2012.
So you have about a month to do it, but if you do it today, you will not forget...
Good luck to all!

There is just one lure to be given away, so there will be only one winner, sorry about that.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Fish Whisperer said...

I love the give away. My favorite color lure is blue and silver.
Tight Lines

mud said...

My favourite colour is when it smells like autumn leaves and runs down your spine like the laugh of a small child...

Steven said...

This time of year hard to beat a bleeding mullet in the clear water , during run off guns an roses if water clarity is not the best try to match the hatch as the pros says . As a older Darwin die hard sometimes go back to before when nils masters were the norm . Give the new a rest even the ko lures have some with no noise

Daniel Dewar said...

my name is daniel
i often fish with françois for pike
our favourite colour is dark brown
the colour of the bottom of a european lake in winter

Anonymous said...

I do not want to win a lure from you and you already have one of my secret colour lures. No rattle and hum for me most of the time.

Rambling Expat said...

Hi Anonymous,

I think but I am not sure that I see who you are.
I guess that you are an Australian lure maker, either based in Queensland or the NT?
Yes no?

Any way, have a good day,