Friday, September 28, 2012

My First Richo Lures.

Hi there,

One day Ronj, a member of the FFF forum contacted me and said that he had a Richo Lures for me, with the advertising for a fishing competition on its back.
Ronj knew that I love fishing lure with advertising on them.

Not long after that I received in the mail a fishing lure from a brand that I was yet to have in my little collection, a Richo Lures.
Richo Lures are handmade in Queensland (Australia), by a man going by the name of Ken Richardson.

Here is what it looks like:

My first Richo Lures.

A nice long profile, made of white beech this model is named The Extractor. Presented here in the colour number 10 in the Richo range and called Fluro Yellow.

With some advertising on the back.

The Rocky Barra Bounty is a fishing competition taking place on the Fitzroy River, you have guessed it, in Queensland. It is a catch and release competition.

The belly of the lure.

The lure is very well finished, and seems robust enough to target some angry Barramundy. A pin under the chin is used to secure the bib, a nice touch on a bib towed lure.
If I had to, I would have now problem to fish this lure with confidence. Yet I have to be honest, it will stay dry and in the collection, no way I am going to take any risk with this one.

And knowing my liking of fishing lures with advertising,  Ronj also sent me two Classic Barra with the same advertising on them.

Two Classic Barra.

These two Classic Barra are in the Guns 'n' Roses colour, one of the most popular in the Top End.
So I really appreciate the present, as many fishing aficionados would have kept any lures in this colours.

Thank you Ronj, as most Aussie would understand: These are going straight to the pool room!

And if you like fishing lure, don't forget to leave a comment on my lure giveaway, for a chance at winning a nice one.

Ok, now I will have to find a place to display these lures...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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