Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The first dragonfly

Hi there,

Since a few days now we can see the first dragonflies of the year in Darwin.
And for any fisherman of the city, seeing a dragonfly spell the start of the blue water season.
Usually the dragonflies arrive with the end of the wet and spell the start of the dry season.
All the different festivals should get going soon.

The first dragonfly, the best one of them all.

Which mean the pelagic season is going to begin soon... The chrome slices are going to come out, and the reels are going to sing again...
The water should become clearer, which is all relative in Darwin muddy sea. And the sky will be blue again.

The blue sky will be back.

So in principal, from now on the weather should become better and better.
But in earnest, we are not out of the wet season yet.
To the extant that the bureau of meteorology is not sure yet if we are going to have a cyclone hitting Darwin by the end of the week. The low is just behind the Tiwi islands at the moment.
So every body is waiting to know what the forecast will be for the next few days.
And to be honest, I am starting to be a bit over the rain and can't wait for the dry to really kick in. I would be happy to not have to worry about cyclones for a while too.

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,

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