Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some new fishing lures for the collection

Hi there,

My fishing lure collection has greatly increased in the past few days...
Just by visiting the Reidy's lure factory where I was very kindly offered many old lures by Colin, the company owner.
And here are just a few of my new precious...
First a Goulburn Jack +5m (16.404199 feet).

They don't do this colour/pattern any more.

Then a Little Lucifer, which made me very happy...
Do you remember the Taipan I showed you last year? It is the same colour, sparkle and all!
So now I do know that this was a real colour and not someone who had messed-up with it.
(You never know with the lures that you find in Op Shops)...

The sparkly Little Lucifer.

From above.

Then a +3m (9.8425197 feet) yellow Aqua Rat still in its original box. Aqua Rat is also a lure that I discovered only a few months ago by finding one in a charity shop, so it is great to now have some (yes some) in perfect condition and still in the box.

Yellow Aqua Rat.

And another one in the box!

Reddish Aqua Rat.

And another Aqua Rat, not in the box, but older, with a different bib (shallower) and different eyes.

I like this colour.

And here comes the older of my Aqua Rat, in the Bleeding Mullet colours.
With the company logo on the back instead of the tail, like in the previous ones.

The oldie.

The old logo, featuring the Australian map.

Then a very interesting Taipan, which in this presentation has been discontinued too.

See through with holographic material inside.

View from the top.

I am sure that this one would work even as a surface lure. Imagine it being ripped across the surface and flashing all his reflective material in all direction... Pelagic's lollies, that is what I see...

And now the piece de resistance...
Another Taipan, but still in the box...
In a colour that I was yet to see...

My oldest Taipan.

And look at the address on the box, it is in Queensland! But the factory that I visited is in the Northern Territory (Remember that we are talking about Australia here). This indicate that this lure was made, and packaged before the factory moved from Mirani, West of Mackay in Queensland to a suburb of Darwin in the NT. I do not know exactly when the moved happened, but this might be one of my next question to the Reidy's people.
And to think that it is still in perfect condition.

The old address.

And this is it for now, I will show you some more another time.
Thanks again to Colin for being so generous, I really appreciate, it is not often that someone will give me that many great lures.

Now I do understand that some of you might be worried that I am turning into some kind of fishing nerd...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Ms. Dig said...

I'm not worried that you're turning into a fishing nerd. I already know you are one!


Ms. Dig.

Rambling Expat said...

But please don't tell any one!!!

David Schug said...

That's a nice collection of fishing lures dude. I like the one with the holographic material inside. Well, I don't see anything wrong in becoming a fishing nerd. Isn't it best to just enjoy things you want to do?

Rambling Expat said...

Hi David,

At least someone who understand me...

Yes the one with holographic material inside is nice and I was very happy to get it, as I had never seen this one.
Either in real or on a photograph.

Have a good day,