Monday, March 21, 2011

The Reidy's Lure Factory

Hi there,
The saga continue...

And today I had the chance to visit the Reidy's lure factory 

Finally Colin  the boss from Reidy's got back to me and told me that in the end he would be keen to get the Coca Cola lure that Geoff Corry from Barra Base, had given me, for the Reidy's archives.
So I said no worries, but you will have to wait for me to get a car first, so I can come to your factory, bring it to you, and visit your workshop at the same time.
It finally arrived, we got a little car, and I was on my way to the Reidy's factory.
As I arrived I was immediately made feel welcome by Colin, and was given a tour of the facilities.
Where of course, I took a few photos...
Can't help myself...

When you arrive to the factory.

The shop.

Has a lot of choice.

The lures just after being mould.

The lady who paint them.

Drying after the paint.

Some of the colours available.

Then the patterns are pressed on the lures.


Some of the special custom lures.


Each lure goes through the testing pool.

View from underwater.

Imagine that you are a Barramundi.

And I was lucky enough to be shown many  old lures that are not made any more.
Like this Prop A Pop A, a fizzer surface lure made of wood, it has been discontinued, but is remember by many fervent anglers.

The Prop A Pop A.

And Colin was very generous and gave me a lots of lures in exchange for the Coca Cola lure. I honestly was not expecting that. 
(The lures will be shown in a next post.)
I even got a fishing shirt and three magazines.
Thanks Colin.

And more importantly, he seemed genuinely happy to finally get his hands on a Coke lure, which was the best.

And as a special bonus I will show you two lures that are soon to be released in the Reidy's stable.
First a weedless sof plastic with a very clever little pocket under the head where each angler can insert the weight that he or she wishes. Called the Weedies, I can alredy imagine people being very happy using this lure in the snag ridden river and billabong of the Northern Territory of Australia.

The Weedies with a snag proof hook...

And now comes The Big Judge.
I was already using The Judge myself, but this one I will have to try too.
I have photographed The Big Judge with an "old" The Judge, to give you a sense of size.

See why it is called The Big Judge?

Remember that there is some big chances that you saw these two lures here first.
And yes, I do not have a Coca Cola lure any more...

But hey, it could be worse.
Have a good day,


Ms. Dig said...

You must have been like a kid at christmas!


Ms. Dig.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with a friend who's father made lures, very nice post!

Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

A kid at christmas would have looked sedated compared to me in there...

Lucky You!!!

Have a good day,